Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 1, 2012


HEY ALL!!! Where did that week go....?
Well Monday night I got the call, the A.P. said, "You're not going to believe the changes," and waited to tell me of my changes last.
First, lets start with the awesome baptismal picture!!
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the mission is going to completely change in these next few weeks. In the new area, the last missionaries elected what they called "the sister of the week" - awesome idea. By choosing one of the sisters out of the branch and giving her the missionary responsibility, she shared the Gospel with her little 9 year old granddaughter, Samantha. She is awesome and has learned a lot really quickly!
Now for the changes. I am back in the Roma Zone! That big building in the baptismal photo is 20 steps in front of my huge Americanized chapel. My area is called Estanzuela, being a large part of the famous Monterrey mountain, "The saddle". My legs have never been so sore!! Here are a few pictures of the area -- lots of hiking! The majority of the homes are unpainted, cinder block, 2-3 room homes. In other words, it's the complete opposite of my last area. I am loving it.
For my companion, his name is Elder Martinez. He has about 18 months in the mission and is from Oaxaca. He is a really good guy to work with.
This change is going to be a good one. We have been applying the new form of work here and working with many less actives and members. The members are awesome. From the size of the chapel and temple, you would never believe that we are only a branch of 30 - 40. But they are ready to work!
GOAL #2 - KNOWLEDGE : "Seek with full desire to increase my memory and the ability to memorize to enhance teaching skills. Likewise, this is impossible without the Lord. Always study and do all of my part to accomplish this aspect necessary for the rest of my life."
Well, as I made this goal, I had more in mind the principal of memorization. But later on, the concept of knowlege turned into something else:
4-7-11 Piedras Negras - .."I have never realized how absolutely imperfect I am until gaining a KNOWLEDGE of my Savior Jesus Christ. My emotional testimony of Him ensures me with the brightest of hope. Each day I am blessed with the realization of what I can better in myself. He suffered more than anyone could ever comprehend, to place an outstanding example of perfection. The more I learn of Him each day, I am marvelled in what He did for me."
(goal date 1-1-11)
My goal of knowledge brought me to a pure knowledge of what Christ did for me, what He does for me, and what He expects me to do for Him.
Things are going great over here. I am loving everything. Can it last longer?
Elder Warner
HEY MOM!!! How are you doing?!?! Still not a grandma of 8??? Hopefully this week!
How did these last few days go for you? Over here as you heard a little about, I'm doing awesome! Loving the change! To be honest, I fell in love with my last area and was very shocked at recieving the phone call but I know it's what the Lord needs. And you never know, maybe the family is waiting for us over here! But I am loving this area, I think I will definitely come home skinnier after this area.
Let me answer your letter in bold. I haven't gotten you package yet. BUT, Thursday is Leadership Council, which means I will pick it up on Thursday. Other than that, you asked how I feel about things on this last change. Well, first off at the bus stop, I was able to meet up with Elder Hemsley, which is always the greatest! We left all the missionaries and went to get a yogurt at a market and talk a little. He asked the same question. I didn't really know how to answer it. I feel good. I feel sad. My true feelings are that I don't realize that it's little time left. To me, I won't accept the time, I still feel like I have SOO MUCH time left. Maybe because there is still soo much work to do. Either way, to sum up my feelings I would say I have no clue. I am only worried about working in this marvelous work right now.
On a brighter note. I will have my hair how you like it for November. I would like to brag and let you know I cut it my self, as I have done my whole mission. I think I've gotten kinda pro..... watch out.
I am stoked for another week!! Love it, love it!
I hope you are doing well, love! You are the best mom ever!!!
Love your boy, Bryan

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