Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 5 in Monterrey

Buenos tardes all! How are you?? Did the rain hit you over there too? They say they get a lot of the weather forecast from what comes down from your side of the world. We had another random rain storm this past week. I'll tell a little about it later. Woo-ow, am I tired or what?! Not complaining by any means, but I think my companion and I got a few hours of sleep each night taking turns listening to each other cough their lungs out. I'm guessing, and as the members mention, that it's from the fluctuancy of the weather. It kinda was the same in the house at night as well. We had to sleep on the roof this week to catch a balanced temperature and some fresh air. — It was kinda awkward because our neighbors both have 2-3 story houses that enclose our humble shack, so I'm sure they took a few peeks in the night wondering what the two white kids were doing on the roof.  Good memories. We also had a ward activity this week that we planned. This is where the random weather kicked in. We originally planned the activity at 7:00 so it could start around 730-ish.  But I'm sure a few have heard about the "Mexican minute". They all started showing up about 8-ish. It's okay, we have to be very patient.  The theme of the activity was the Plan of Salvation. We started off with a video clip of the creation. Then separated to play games, (right when it started raining) - normal games, like balloon tosses with towels etc. (they loved it), then we decorated three rooms which represented each grade of glory.  Based on if they reached the goal for the games, they were told which room they would go to.  Everyone eventually ended up at the Celestial room.  The members liked it.  The purpose was to help animate them and to bring their friends.  We found one lady that was asking a lot of questions and is interested in the Plan!!!  We'll be visiting her soon. Well, we are down to the last week of the change. My companion works hard he will figure out what he is going to do with his life when he is on the plane home in a few weeks. We will finish strong. 
Les amo muchisimo, Elder Warner

HOLA MAMA!!! COMO ESTAS?!? Wow, look at those daughters of yours!! I would have to say that hardly any of them look alike. But they are all gorgeous. How are you doing sweetheart? I thought of you tons this week. As I noted in the email, we slept on the roof on the 21st. I kinda just laid there silently staring at the sky for a while. I felt really comforted in the whole.… everything. looking up at the stars it seems so far away but he feels so close by. It was a really good day for me. I hope you felt comforted as well. So, when was the picture of the sisters taken?  Did they all go home for the weekend? All I remember is you telling me that those kids said their goodbyes in the Scranton world. How are Karen and Cameron doing in the new home? Soon enough, they will be seeing results of all their hard work. I love that family. Well, over here things are cruising'. I cant believe we're at the last week. It feels really weird to me. We will be having a final conference with President Romney and his wife on Thursday. We are really excited for this.  I got offered a dozen more shots this week. And still have the same facial reaction for each of them, "Are you crazy?!?!"  Hopefully, we'll be healing up soon.  Well, I hope you're having a wonderful time where ever you are.  Bryan

Three of Bryan's greatest supporters - his sisters, 
Karen (L), Michelle (M), and Brooke (R)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 4 in Monterrey

HOLA! How are we this week?!
How was everyone's Fathers Day?  We had a good Fathers Day here.  We went around to the member families that the dad isn't a member and gave service, washing cars, etc.  Things are going really well here in the zone.  We have seen many miracles in the zone which has been awesome!!  

As for our area, we have been trying to organize activities to animate the members and try new ideas.
We came up with Operation X, which in short words is that all the members that signed up to feed us in these next few weeks, we have visited to let them know we will be sacrificing the food to have a family home evening with someone they know.  As a missionary, the food may be one of the most important things, but with sacrifices come great blessings.  We are fine to grab a quick bowl of cereal each day anyways.  Other than that, all is well!  We're safe, happy, plenty warm and doing all we can to finish these next two weeks strong!  Love you all.  Talk to you soon!.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 3

HI ALL! How are you doing?!? Things are going very well over here as always!  
HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!  Yes, they do celebrate it over here, nothing like the states but they give it recognition.  Well, today was temple day. I walked in all ready to go and they told me my recommend was expired so I have to wait until next month.  We had a good week over here with many cool experiences.  On the train an Elder asked me what is one of my favorite parts about the mission other than baptizing , etc.  I told him the baptismal interviews.  This last week I had the opportunity to interview a lady given as a reference in one of the areas. She spoke better English than Spanish, so it was all done in the native tongue.  She was an awesome lady, about 38 years old who had recently given up smoking and drinking after some time. In the interview, I noticed she was nearly all ready for her baptism except for one essential part.  She wasn't sure if the Book of Mormon was true. I asked her to bring her book and showed her the Lords promise in it. I explained that she will know for herself upon receiving an answer from God through feelings after she asked in prayer. We read together, she prayed simply saying "Heavenly Father, is the Book of Mormon true? ..."  We sat in silence, when she said "I feel it, I know it's true".  From that point on, she was ready. I told her to always remember that moment so that when the trials come up in the future, she will remember the direct answer she had received.
These are just the small miracles, that sometimes get passed up without recognition.  I love this work.  I look forward to another week of it.
Elder Warner.

HI MY MOMMY!!! How are we doing?!?! Are you burnt yet?? I got fried a few times this week.  Well, first things first!  Things are getting pretty serious.  I bought my first electric shaver today at Walmart.  I am pretty legit.  How was your trip?!  From what I understand, you're all safe back at home.  You luckies.  It looked like lots of fun!  Do you have any plans for this Father's Day.  Maybe you can take the old man on a bike ride, ha ha. Well, as always, I'm loving every moment.  There really are daily miracles here in the field. Time is flying. My companion will be going home in two weeks.  But we're still doing all that we can to focus on the work.  I hope all is well in the family.  I pray for you daily.  And I am so thankful for all of you!  You're the best mom ever.  I love you.  Bryan 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 2 - Baptism!

HEY ALL!!! How are we doing this week?!? Over here we had a huuuge week! I would love to start with last Sunday.  We saw a lot of results from last weeks efforts up until Saturday. When Sunday came, some of the investigators weren't able to show up for church. It was a let down for a bit but we tried to keep our heads up with a smile on. We sat by a few less actives scattered in the room. I noticed my companion saying a prayer after many of his hopes went down.  A few moments later, a man showed up at church alone. We were a little confused, but then started talking to him. He said he recently completed 83 years and didn't think he would live to see it. He was searching for a spiritual cure.  When he came in contact with us, he said that he saw two American missionaries with a smile on their faces and started asking around for where the church of those two young men was located. He showed up sunday and said he needs what we have.  We almost didn't believe it at first but it simply was a miracle. We were so blessed from the fruit of overcoming trials.
This morning we got permission to do our studies up in one of Monterey's famous mountains called the Chipinque. We woke up at 5:00 a.m. and headed up for an hour hike to the top. As the sun was rising, we were all able to pull out our scriptures and study material and enjoy the beautiful nature scene. One of those moments where you can soak in the depths of life.  We were able to have our last interview with the President this week. I love him, it will be hard seeing him go. The interview was incredible. One of my favorites. He is powerful man that I respect and look up to.  My companion and I worked together Wednesday and Sunday last week together.  We have been scattered on divisions getting to know our missionaries better.  Things are going very well.  I'm lovin' life.  Love you all, Elder Warner

HI MOMMMMM!!!!! Goodness, it feels like I haven't heard from you in forever!!! How are you doing?!?! I could imagine that you are sitting on the relaxing Cali beach as we speak, you bum. I also had my realm of Heavenly Fathers nature this morning. It was a really cool experience for me being able to soak in those things I love doing.  Well, as you saw, this week was super busy but super incredible.   I still have no idea how it all turned out to be.  We were so richly blessed.
How was Michelle's graduation?  I remember thinking that was going to be one of the things I would miss most about not being there.  But I'm so proud of her for accomplishing what she has done.  Please give her a huge hug for me. Well, I just want to tell you I'm so grateful to have you in my life.  There is not a day that goes by when I don't think how incredibly blessed I am to have such an INCREDIBLE mother as I do. It is one of my life's most incredible blessings. Keep being the amazing original person you are. There is no one like you.  I love you to death, mom!!!  Bryan.

Dear Dad, Here's another mission miracle.  We were very grateful for the hand of the Lord we have witnessed.  It comes to show you, you are hardly anything without Him. Things are going very well.  I have loved being able to refresh my mind again after so long of not being in the nature of God's creations. I love this work.  I love the Gospel. I love my Heavenly Father.  Love my family, too. Big B.