Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last week before transfers!

Another awesome week!  How is everyone?!?!
Well, we are at changes again somehow.  It doesn't feel like it at all.  This was easily the fastest change in my mission.  There are a few things I want to get caught up on.  First of all, last week was zone conference!!  We have a really little zone but we had the conference in the church offices, about 5 minutes away from my area but it was a really good conference. 
Yesterday was a miracle, being one of the best Sundays I have had.  The President called me Saturday, so I could ask the bishop if he could speak in our ward, so we got the thumbs up and they came over and took up the whole Sacrament meeting.  We had 4 investigators in the church that I'm very glad were able to hear the words of the President.  He made them feel very comfortable and welcome which will result for the 2 baptismal dates we have next week.  First, the President's wife talked to us and decided to tell me as she got up to speak that I would be translating for her but it all turned out good.  She gave a talk on how she had the opportunity to go back to Salt Lake for her daughters wedding and focused on a sealing blessing her daughter was given then.  She said in this blessing, the sealer referred to all those who would die for the Gospel, but in reality we should be LIVING the Gospel.  She gave an experience of how her daughter who is on the mission with them came as a huge stranger to everyone, not knowing anyone and nothing of the language.  But how immediately everyone began to notice her example in the way she acted, dressed etc. and how she simply lived the Gospel.  
The President's talk was exactly what the ward needed.  He was very kind in his talk, commenting on how my companion and I are basically trying to regain the confidence from past experiences that tore the ward apart.  We saw immediate results after his talk as the members started talking with the investigators and making appointments to meet with us.  I loved every word he said and know it was under special direction.  He shared with us, "How much would I have to NOT love others to NOT share the Gospel?"  Another thing that was very special was something the President shared about the Priesthood.  For the first time, I watched his eyes tear up as he told us how he is only alive today because of the Priesthood.  He didn't share why but he stated very powerfully that the Priesthood has saved his life in past experiences.  Another thing he did in the meeting was to ask all the converts of the ward (being about 50) to stand up.  I got emotional to see that more than half were on their feet.  He helped the investigators see that there are so many that have been through the same process. That is a little of my week!   Tonight, I get the hook ups of finding out about changes early so we will see what happenes. I am more than sure I'll stay.  Love you all, Elder Warner

Hey, my sweet mother! How are you doing this week?  Well, here we're doing very well.  It was such a spiritual week with so many things that went on.  Wednesday was a beautiful day, a little difficult after finding about the recent family news.  We got out to work a little early and we contacted a lady in a private street.  I held my emotions very well about the sudden news so no one noticed me but as I talked to this lady, the first contact in the day,  I started testifying about eternal families and kinda broke down. I had to sit down for a minute afterward and get a little out.  After that, I have been very well. I have learned so much in this last week from this experience.  I have learned that every contact should be sincere. I have prayed and fasted constantly this week for our family and my sweet Aunt, but I have realized that I should also be praying with all I have for the people who do not have this knowledge of an eternal family.  This step in our lives has helped me remember how thankful I am to have what I have and how privleged I am to share it with everyone.  There is not any opportunities to waste to testify about such a marvelous knowledge.
I would like to know how Aunt Kris is doing.
Well, on another note we had a wonderful zone conference.  I am glad to hear you are very organized with all the letters and emails.  I will love being able to read everything when the day comes that I return!   And I could only imagine how happy my future family and kids will be to hear about everything.  Thank you!  Well, I am hoping you are having a better week.  I pray for you constantly.  I send my love from a few miles away, 
Your son, Bryan
Dear dad,
Things are going so well.  I have learned a lot in this past week.  Alot in which applies to the sacred work I am a part of.  There are so many things that we so casually forget and how merciful is the Lord to help us remind ourselves of everything we have.  I have been very appreciative for the Gospel in this past week as I talk to hundreds of people weekly that have no idea they can see their loved ones again.  I am praying for all of you. 
Send my love to the family,
Elder Warner

Zone Conference in the Mission offices

Elder Warner in front of the famous 
Saddleback Mountains of Monterrey, Mexico

Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Eternal Farewell and Transfer........

Elder Douglas and Kristine Plummer
Military Relations
Washington DC South Mission
December 2011 - February 2012

Military honors after the funeral.  
Elder Plummer was a retired Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army

(Editors note from the mother of Elder Warner)  There are no words to express our family's shock and sorrow at the unexpected and sudden passing of Elder Douglas Plummer on February 15, 2012, age 66, a beloved uncle to our son, Elder Warner.  Elder Doug and Kris Plummer were senior couples, currently serving as military relations missionaries in the Washington D.C. South mission and had been there only 2 1/2 months.  However, in their short time there, they made a lasting impression upon all who knew them.  Their deep and abiding testimonies will live on in the lives of many.  They were deeply loved, and he will be so missed by his eternal companion, (my sister), his children and all of us.  Our letter to Bryan telling him the news was hard to express, but we were assured of his testimony of the Plan of Salvation and eternal families.  He spent the morning in the Monterrey Mexico Temple - the first time back through those sacred doors in over nine months - at the same time our family was attending the funeral in Bountiful, Utah. He found out afterwards about his uncle Doug.   Elder Warner's words to us that day were sacred and private, and we are ever more convinced of a merciful God, who orchestrates the universe and knows all, and loves each of us unconditionally. The veil is very thin...... 

Words from the funeral:  Your father died too young—at least as earth lives go. But, we know he died in the Lord, while doing what he was called to do. And, in the Lord’s concept of time and eternity, his passing was right on time…right on time for the next calling…right on time for his next lesson...right on time for the lessons we have yet to learn.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 4 in Monterrey!

Hello All! It's good to be caught up on everything now and I can tell about the little things that happened in my week. Well, first off I would have to say that this was the fastest week of my life. Time is cruizin like I cant believe. Who knows what is going on with the time. There is not even time to think about the time! I am loving every minute. Well, I will tell a little more of just little experiences I had in the week.

I'll start off with the letter I recieved from my convert, Betty, about 8 months ago. She told me that she finished reading all of D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. Now she is reading Jesus the Christ. She bore a very powerful testimony in her letter about her gratitude of finding the True Church. She said she was thankful for the persuasiveness and insistence. I guess the things that grow slower really do live longer.

As you can see in my journal last week, it hit me that this is the time of my mission where I will be able to forget about myself. I recently read a quote that mentioned how we should think less ABOUT ourselves, not less OF ourselvs.
Things are going very well. I am learning so much. In my mission I've depended on leaders at times to answer my questions. Now being that person when they ask me something, at times I think who I could ask to make sure but I have realized that alot of the answers I already know. It just takes a little searching and self dependence to find out what we all really know.

Things are going really well! We have 8 missionaries in the district. It's so busy!

Also, this week I was able to do a few baptism interviews in the district. I think this may be one of my favorite parts about right now! The interviews were very powerful and is so awesome seeing what the Gospel does to those newly converted. Two of the interviews were men that have had problems with drinking and smoking since an early age (12-13) and for the first time in thier lives have quit cold turkey because of the Gospel. Love it! Well, I wish you all a happy Valentines day this week!
Love you all,
Elder Warner

Dear Mom,
My sweetest Valentine,
I always love this time of year. I will never forget the consistent years of someone randomly ringing that door bell every Valentines day and leaving behind some of the most delicious heart shaped rice crispy treats! Well, I wish you the happiest Valentines day. I am so lucky that I have such a sweet Valentine mother.

Well, I was very, very happy to read your email last week. First to comment on R. For the month I was with him, we constantly talked about his family, in particular his parents. I have been touched seeing the miracles of our Heavenly Father as he took in one of his daughters from this earth. I have seen the miracles in doing this, was to bring the dire importance to R's mother so that she may have knowledge of the plan this Gospel offers. I am very pleased to see that step by step, my friend R is recieving the blessings he has always wished for. (Editors note: R was a summer missionary that Bryan served with last summer. He was 18, converted at age 12, and an only convert of his Catholic family. His aunt passed away a short while ago, and his mother soon thereafter began investigating the church. His. mother has now accepted baptism! He is overjoyed).

Well, about my last area, I was called about 10:00 at night saying I needed to be in the bus station at 6:00 in the morning, the following morning, leaving me with no chance to say goodbyes to any one. I do miss the last area. They were awesome members and incredible converts. I am sooo excited for the temple next Wednesday! I have looked forward to the peace of that building. I am very excited to be able to enter once again. In fact, all of our district meetings are in the chapel which is located about 10 yards in front of the temple. It is gorgeous!

Well, sweet mom, I wish you an awesome week. You are the best mom ever! Thank you for all you do. Have an awesome day.


"I've always tried to figure out why it is so difficult to take yourself out of focus. It hit me, as I was praying this morning for the welfare of my District, that I ended the prayer not asking for my personal needs, but that my concerns and needs are focused on them. Maybe this is a little of what forgetting yourself is - making personal concerns of others. This is the part of my mission I always dreamed for."

Monday, February 6, 2012

First week in Monterrey!

Lets get back on track, I have a lot to tell! Well, sorry about last week. There were some sudden changes that allowed my preparation day to be on an 8 hour bus.

Well, I'm sure you can guess that they threw me from the furthest area of the mission to being in the dead center of the city. It is a LOT different here. I'm kinda glad we got the first week over with, it's been more of an adapting stage. The people are a little more closed that the humble, poor people in my last area. There are a lot of really good people here as well. As for the area, it has taken some getting used to, seeing huge buildings all around as opposed to shack houses and what not. My companion is a really good guy. He's really receptive to learn. His name is Elder Romero, and he is from Lima Peru. In this last week, I had a ton of awesome experiences that I'll share later on but for right now I want to get caught up on last week.

Here's the story. Yes, we were very blessed on Sunday to have had the opportunity to bring someone in the waters!
Her name is Mercedes, (on the right) her son, Marcos (on the left). This lady was one of the first people I met when I arrived to Acuña. She was a little slow to progress but there was something special about her so we held on. With a little patience and frequent visits she finally made the call herself. It was at the beginning of January that she decided to put a date. Before, we invited her several times to be baptized but she just wasn't ready. After a little time, she came to us and told us when she was going to do it without us even saying anything. Sunday came. The week before, her oldest son (her 3 children are members) recieved the Priesthood and was ready to baptize his mom the following week! We had an awesome baptismal service! Following the service, Marcos was able to confirm his little brother with the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a really powerful service that I am so glad I was able to end in that area, on that note. Other than that, I saw that a few of the people we brought to her baptism service were baptized yesterday! I was a little sad seeing I missed out on it, but I'm glad the area is picking back up.

There are so many things I am learning as District leader that next week I will share a little about. I'm loving every second, but man is it flying by way too fast!!
Have an awesome week, Elder Warner

How could I explain this week?!

Well, we've had a few minor changes. But these minor changes are changing my life.

It's making it a lot easier to complete my New Years goals.

I am loving the responsibility. It is very tough.

The district is starting from ground zero.

I don't know all that's expected yet, but I say it because I'm loving every second.

Have an awesome week. We will talk to you the next, Bryan

Hey, my sweet mother!!! How are you doing!! Please excuse me for last week. Well, as you know there were a few changes. I have 3 weeks of your emails to catch up on and am trying to answer them all. First off, how are you doing? I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages! Well, really quick to answer your random questions from about 3 weeks ago, I guess I will have to answer them for my new area.
First, the apartment is cool. We had to deep clean it today, it was pretty gross. It's just a little place to sleep and study. Nothing to look at. It's above the house of a member so we are hooked up with laundry on Mondays, woo woo! We have more or less hot water. Depends on how cold it was the day before. Not to mention, I think I carried your genes. I have been freezing this week and my companion has made fun of me. I am trying to take more pictures, in fact my compainon and I put a goal to take 2 pics a day. My favorite food? Well, to be honest when we eat with the more "humble" members, they usually just make a simple soup, but I love it! Nastiest food, well I explained that a few months ago. I will answer a few more other weeks, they will be lengthy answers. Well, to comment on the lost package. The only really sentimental thing lost was a camera card with 6 months of my mission to about 9 months. (UGH!) I don't remember what I had on it but I am sad it never got there. There were also a few clothing items, some from members, a tie from Rusbel, etc. and I sent one of my name tags to dad, but I can get more of those.
You are amazing mom. I love you to death and hope you have an incredible week, we will talk to you the next!
Your Elder

Baptism of Mercedes by her son, Marcos. Note the tie Elder Warner has on (it was made by his niece and nephew, Addie and Eli!)