Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, February 6, 2012

First week in Monterrey!

Lets get back on track, I have a lot to tell! Well, sorry about last week. There were some sudden changes that allowed my preparation day to be on an 8 hour bus.

Well, I'm sure you can guess that they threw me from the furthest area of the mission to being in the dead center of the city. It is a LOT different here. I'm kinda glad we got the first week over with, it's been more of an adapting stage. The people are a little more closed that the humble, poor people in my last area. There are a lot of really good people here as well. As for the area, it has taken some getting used to, seeing huge buildings all around as opposed to shack houses and what not. My companion is a really good guy. He's really receptive to learn. His name is Elder Romero, and he is from Lima Peru. In this last week, I had a ton of awesome experiences that I'll share later on but for right now I want to get caught up on last week.

Here's the story. Yes, we were very blessed on Sunday to have had the opportunity to bring someone in the waters!
Her name is Mercedes, (on the right) her son, Marcos (on the left). This lady was one of the first people I met when I arrived to Acuña. She was a little slow to progress but there was something special about her so we held on. With a little patience and frequent visits she finally made the call herself. It was at the beginning of January that she decided to put a date. Before, we invited her several times to be baptized but she just wasn't ready. After a little time, she came to us and told us when she was going to do it without us even saying anything. Sunday came. The week before, her oldest son (her 3 children are members) recieved the Priesthood and was ready to baptize his mom the following week! We had an awesome baptismal service! Following the service, Marcos was able to confirm his little brother with the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a really powerful service that I am so glad I was able to end in that area, on that note. Other than that, I saw that a few of the people we brought to her baptism service were baptized yesterday! I was a little sad seeing I missed out on it, but I'm glad the area is picking back up.

There are so many things I am learning as District leader that next week I will share a little about. I'm loving every second, but man is it flying by way too fast!!
Have an awesome week, Elder Warner

How could I explain this week?!

Well, we've had a few minor changes. But these minor changes are changing my life.

It's making it a lot easier to complete my New Years goals.

I am loving the responsibility. It is very tough.

The district is starting from ground zero.

I don't know all that's expected yet, but I say it because I'm loving every second.

Have an awesome week. We will talk to you the next, Bryan

Hey, my sweet mother!!! How are you doing!! Please excuse me for last week. Well, as you know there were a few changes. I have 3 weeks of your emails to catch up on and am trying to answer them all. First off, how are you doing? I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages! Well, really quick to answer your random questions from about 3 weeks ago, I guess I will have to answer them for my new area.
First, the apartment is cool. We had to deep clean it today, it was pretty gross. It's just a little place to sleep and study. Nothing to look at. It's above the house of a member so we are hooked up with laundry on Mondays, woo woo! We have more or less hot water. Depends on how cold it was the day before. Not to mention, I think I carried your genes. I have been freezing this week and my companion has made fun of me. I am trying to take more pictures, in fact my compainon and I put a goal to take 2 pics a day. My favorite food? Well, to be honest when we eat with the more "humble" members, they usually just make a simple soup, but I love it! Nastiest food, well I explained that a few months ago. I will answer a few more other weeks, they will be lengthy answers. Well, to comment on the lost package. The only really sentimental thing lost was a camera card with 6 months of my mission to about 9 months. (UGH!) I don't remember what I had on it but I am sad it never got there. There were also a few clothing items, some from members, a tie from Rusbel, etc. and I sent one of my name tags to dad, but I can get more of those.
You are amazing mom. I love you to death and hope you have an incredible week, we will talk to you the next!
Your Elder

Baptism of Mercedes by her son, Marcos. Note the tie Elder Warner has on (it was made by his niece and nephew, Addie and Eli!)

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