Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 4 in Monterrey!

Hello All! It's good to be caught up on everything now and I can tell about the little things that happened in my week. Well, first off I would have to say that this was the fastest week of my life. Time is cruizin like I cant believe. Who knows what is going on with the time. There is not even time to think about the time! I am loving every minute. Well, I will tell a little more of just little experiences I had in the week.

I'll start off with the letter I recieved from my convert, Betty, about 8 months ago. She told me that she finished reading all of D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. Now she is reading Jesus the Christ. She bore a very powerful testimony in her letter about her gratitude of finding the True Church. She said she was thankful for the persuasiveness and insistence. I guess the things that grow slower really do live longer.

As you can see in my journal last week, it hit me that this is the time of my mission where I will be able to forget about myself. I recently read a quote that mentioned how we should think less ABOUT ourselves, not less OF ourselvs.
Things are going very well. I am learning so much. In my mission I've depended on leaders at times to answer my questions. Now being that person when they ask me something, at times I think who I could ask to make sure but I have realized that alot of the answers I already know. It just takes a little searching and self dependence to find out what we all really know.

Things are going really well! We have 8 missionaries in the district. It's so busy!

Also, this week I was able to do a few baptism interviews in the district. I think this may be one of my favorite parts about right now! The interviews were very powerful and is so awesome seeing what the Gospel does to those newly converted. Two of the interviews were men that have had problems with drinking and smoking since an early age (12-13) and for the first time in thier lives have quit cold turkey because of the Gospel. Love it! Well, I wish you all a happy Valentines day this week!
Love you all,
Elder Warner

Dear Mom,
My sweetest Valentine,
I always love this time of year. I will never forget the consistent years of someone randomly ringing that door bell every Valentines day and leaving behind some of the most delicious heart shaped rice crispy treats! Well, I wish you the happiest Valentines day. I am so lucky that I have such a sweet Valentine mother.

Well, I was very, very happy to read your email last week. First to comment on R. For the month I was with him, we constantly talked about his family, in particular his parents. I have been touched seeing the miracles of our Heavenly Father as he took in one of his daughters from this earth. I have seen the miracles in doing this, was to bring the dire importance to R's mother so that she may have knowledge of the plan this Gospel offers. I am very pleased to see that step by step, my friend R is recieving the blessings he has always wished for. (Editors note: R was a summer missionary that Bryan served with last summer. He was 18, converted at age 12, and an only convert of his Catholic family. His aunt passed away a short while ago, and his mother soon thereafter began investigating the church. His. mother has now accepted baptism! He is overjoyed).

Well, about my last area, I was called about 10:00 at night saying I needed to be in the bus station at 6:00 in the morning, the following morning, leaving me with no chance to say goodbyes to any one. I do miss the last area. They were awesome members and incredible converts. I am sooo excited for the temple next Wednesday! I have looked forward to the peace of that building. I am very excited to be able to enter once again. In fact, all of our district meetings are in the chapel which is located about 10 yards in front of the temple. It is gorgeous!

Well, sweet mom, I wish you an awesome week. You are the best mom ever! Thank you for all you do. Have an awesome day.


"I've always tried to figure out why it is so difficult to take yourself out of focus. It hit me, as I was praying this morning for the welfare of my District, that I ended the prayer not asking for my personal needs, but that my concerns and needs are focused on them. Maybe this is a little of what forgetting yourself is - making personal concerns of others. This is the part of my mission I always dreamed for."

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