Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last week before transfers!

Another awesome week!  How is everyone?!?!
Well, we are at changes again somehow.  It doesn't feel like it at all.  This was easily the fastest change in my mission.  There are a few things I want to get caught up on.  First of all, last week was zone conference!!  We have a really little zone but we had the conference in the church offices, about 5 minutes away from my area but it was a really good conference. 
Yesterday was a miracle, being one of the best Sundays I have had.  The President called me Saturday, so I could ask the bishop if he could speak in our ward, so we got the thumbs up and they came over and took up the whole Sacrament meeting.  We had 4 investigators in the church that I'm very glad were able to hear the words of the President.  He made them feel very comfortable and welcome which will result for the 2 baptismal dates we have next week.  First, the President's wife talked to us and decided to tell me as she got up to speak that I would be translating for her but it all turned out good.  She gave a talk on how she had the opportunity to go back to Salt Lake for her daughters wedding and focused on a sealing blessing her daughter was given then.  She said in this blessing, the sealer referred to all those who would die for the Gospel, but in reality we should be LIVING the Gospel.  She gave an experience of how her daughter who is on the mission with them came as a huge stranger to everyone, not knowing anyone and nothing of the language.  But how immediately everyone began to notice her example in the way she acted, dressed etc. and how she simply lived the Gospel.  
The President's talk was exactly what the ward needed.  He was very kind in his talk, commenting on how my companion and I are basically trying to regain the confidence from past experiences that tore the ward apart.  We saw immediate results after his talk as the members started talking with the investigators and making appointments to meet with us.  I loved every word he said and know it was under special direction.  He shared with us, "How much would I have to NOT love others to NOT share the Gospel?"  Another thing that was very special was something the President shared about the Priesthood.  For the first time, I watched his eyes tear up as he told us how he is only alive today because of the Priesthood.  He didn't share why but he stated very powerfully that the Priesthood has saved his life in past experiences.  Another thing he did in the meeting was to ask all the converts of the ward (being about 50) to stand up.  I got emotional to see that more than half were on their feet.  He helped the investigators see that there are so many that have been through the same process. That is a little of my week!   Tonight, I get the hook ups of finding out about changes early so we will see what happenes. I am more than sure I'll stay.  Love you all, Elder Warner

Hey, my sweet mother! How are you doing this week?  Well, here we're doing very well.  It was such a spiritual week with so many things that went on.  Wednesday was a beautiful day, a little difficult after finding about the recent family news.  We got out to work a little early and we contacted a lady in a private street.  I held my emotions very well about the sudden news so no one noticed me but as I talked to this lady, the first contact in the day,  I started testifying about eternal families and kinda broke down. I had to sit down for a minute afterward and get a little out.  After that, I have been very well. I have learned so much in this last week from this experience.  I have learned that every contact should be sincere. I have prayed and fasted constantly this week for our family and my sweet Aunt, but I have realized that I should also be praying with all I have for the people who do not have this knowledge of an eternal family.  This step in our lives has helped me remember how thankful I am to have what I have and how privleged I am to share it with everyone.  There is not any opportunities to waste to testify about such a marvelous knowledge.
I would like to know how Aunt Kris is doing.
Well, on another note we had a wonderful zone conference.  I am glad to hear you are very organized with all the letters and emails.  I will love being able to read everything when the day comes that I return!   And I could only imagine how happy my future family and kids will be to hear about everything.  Thank you!  Well, I am hoping you are having a better week.  I pray for you constantly.  I send my love from a few miles away, 
Your son, Bryan
Dear dad,
Things are going so well.  I have learned a lot in this past week.  Alot in which applies to the sacred work I am a part of.  There are so many things that we so casually forget and how merciful is the Lord to help us remind ourselves of everything we have.  I have been very appreciative for the Gospel in this past week as I talk to hundreds of people weekly that have no idea they can see their loved ones again.  I am praying for all of you. 
Send my love to the family,
Elder Warner

Zone Conference in the Mission offices

Elder Warner in front of the famous 
Saddleback Mountains of Monterrey, Mexico

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