Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week Two!

HEY YA'LL, how are we doing?
We had a great week over here! Things are going really well over here —  one thing I love about this area are the converts. 
I don't know how I could explain it, but they just make me happy! They are all doing very well and progressing quickly. 
Jasmine has been going on her own to 5:30 am Seminary. 
Bertha is finishing up 1st Nephi.
Bibiano is going tie and belt shopping this week because the bishop interviewed him to bless the Sacrament next week.  Not to mention his wife goes with him every week and has signed up on the missionary lunch calendar (she's awesome but we're still waiting for her time to come)
And the others are doing well also.  These people have made me realize what absolute happiness is. When I see their progression it makes me want to cry (I don't really cry but I feel so happy)  It's something that I could never fully explain, but I can easily compare myself to Alma and Ammulek as they felt the joy of bringing their brothers unto Christ.
It all animates me to keep doing all I can to search for more of these people who are waiting for this happiness.  We have talked with virtually everyone in our path. We try to have fun with it - for example getting our shoes shined (he gave us a face when I asked him to shine these unthreaded, torn shoes) that way he is obligated to listen. Although this man doesn't live in our area, when we passed by a few days later, his pamphlet we gave him was all highlighted with things he liked and questions he had.

Here we go for another awesome week!
Elder Warner

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week One! We stay in Las Puentas!

Hey Fam and Friends!
Here we are at changes again. Drum roll? Still here in the ol' area, Las Puentes! 
I am sure I mentioned a while ago when I was in Buenos Aires about one of the zone leaders named Elder Fuentes.  He is my new companion, and I will be sending him off, as well. My third companion in a row to send off. He's a great guy and an awesome leader. He's my third companion from Peru, he's 24 years old and a convert at age 14. At his home, his mom and two sisters are members of the church but his dad and older brother are still waiting for their time.   We had a good week working here. He said he's loving it a lot more than his last area in Monclova from the heat (my area a year ago).  The first door we knocked on was a less active woman who isn't on our member list.  She was very kind and has many intentions to become closer to God.  Her husband passed away 3 years ago and she currently lives with her son, daughter and grand daughter. About two weeks ago, her son started searching for a church to go to to fix a few of his life problems.  We were able to bring them to church yesterday. I ask if you can pray for them, - Alberto and Xomara.
One cool missionary moment we had this week was watching our convert, Bibiano (mustache) fill out his first tithing slip. Something simple but big steps of conversion.  We look forward to another week of incredible experiences.  I love you all tons and wish the best week for all of you.....
Elder Warner

P.S. My "son" Elder Canul got his first "son" meaning I am now a grandpa!
My new companion is the one with juice in his hands....

Elder Warner with new companion, Elder Fuentes (pink tie)

Elder Warner and Elder Canul (R), who he trained, and Elder Canul's new companion who he is training (L).

Elder Warner and Elder Hemsley enjoying a little Mexican food on Transfer day.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baptism and last week before changes!

BUENOS DIAS! How is everyone!
We're doing awesome over here. We had another incredible week as you can see.  We were able to end this change as we hoped. Well, this is our investigator B., that I mentioned a little about last week.  Her baptismal service went really well, and we had many of her family members accompany us to support her. A few members were able to share their testimonies in the service and give a short message.  We asked a member to sing a hymn but she never showed up, so my comp and I ended up singing solos which wasn't too planned but it turned out fine.  She is really animated and nearly every time we pass by her house or go to our appointments, she is sitting there with the Book of Mormon open.  As for today, until 6:00 p.m., we will be traveling to visit my companion's previous converts in other areas. Being the reason I'm writing so early.  Tonight we get changes to see where everyone goes.  The Assistants told us that there will be many who will white wash their areas so we are expecting a few changes in the zone. As you know, I love calling for changes.  We have a big week ahead, you'll hear more from me next week when I have a few minutes more.
Love you all!
Elder Warner

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 5 in Las Puentas!

HEY HEY!!! How are you all! Well, I'm back. I am sure you could guess today was temple day! It was so good to go again. We had another great week here in Las Puentes, maybe one of those weeks where you notice many small miracles.  From memory, I will try to share a few of my last week's journal entries.The picture with the lady reading that "blue book" is one of our investigators named B. We actually just found B. knocking a few doors, after planning the night before to contact in that area. She was a very kind lady that let us pass by on the contact to share a short message with her.  We shared a little about repentance and took off. The next day she told us she had read the pamphlet we left and really liked it.  She said it's what she has been looking for in these last few months. In that same lesson we asked her to offer the closing prayer.  She was a little hesitant but she did it.  It was an awesome, simple prayer but afterwards we just sat there for a minute and she started crying. We shared a brief testimony and left.  Next visit we gave her a Book of Mormon, on which arriving to the following visit, we caught her reading it when we showed up. (it's one of those missionary moments that just makes everything worth it.)  We had left her to read Alma 7.  What I loved was the fact that this is a lady who was born and grew up with the bible her whole life, but when we placed the Book of Mormon in her hands, she told us the next day that she felt as if "God was literally talking right to her". Well, we had her hermanador (member support) pick her up Sunday for church. She loved it and is preparing for baptism. I look forward to another week of incredible learning experiences. I love it. I know this church is true. Elder Warner

Hey sweet mother!!! How on earth are you doing!? Things are going really well over here as always. There is never a bad day. Thats what I love about the mission. Something I liked about this week was hearing a few words from the A.P. about how easy our life is right now. How in this time we don't have any thing to worry about "according to finances, school, work, mother in laws etc"..It helped me remember that we really do have it easy, even though it is the hardest work in the world. I still have alot of time left. It makes me wonder how many peoples lives can be changed in 3 months. A ton!! To answer your question I really love being at this phase of my mission. We know how the work is and what we are expected to do. Despite the experience and all, I still wake up some days with those jitters as if it's something new. I love it all. I am so excited for changes next week. It feels like Christmas! I love you tons! Hope you have an incredible week!  Your son, Elder Warner