Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week Two!

HEY YA'LL, how are we doing?
We had a great week over here! Things are going really well over here —  one thing I love about this area are the converts. 
I don't know how I could explain it, but they just make me happy! They are all doing very well and progressing quickly. 
Jasmine has been going on her own to 5:30 am Seminary. 
Bertha is finishing up 1st Nephi.
Bibiano is going tie and belt shopping this week because the bishop interviewed him to bless the Sacrament next week.  Not to mention his wife goes with him every week and has signed up on the missionary lunch calendar (she's awesome but we're still waiting for her time to come)
And the others are doing well also.  These people have made me realize what absolute happiness is. When I see their progression it makes me want to cry (I don't really cry but I feel so happy)  It's something that I could never fully explain, but I can easily compare myself to Alma and Ammulek as they felt the joy of bringing their brothers unto Christ.
It all animates me to keep doing all I can to search for more of these people who are waiting for this happiness.  We have talked with virtually everyone in our path. We try to have fun with it - for example getting our shoes shined (he gave us a face when I asked him to shine these unthreaded, torn shoes) that way he is obligated to listen. Although this man doesn't live in our area, when we passed by a few days later, his pamphlet we gave him was all highlighted with things he liked and questions he had.

Here we go for another awesome week!
Elder Warner

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