Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 3!

HEY!!! Good afternoon!
What a quick week! Well, this week was awesome! Sitting in the Gospel Principles class made me realize a little more how much I love this work.
From sitting in the class and looking around, having Hermano Bibiano next to my left with his wife, following Hermana Berta to my right with the less active mother that has been reactivated, with my companion sitting by 3 other investigators that showed up. That is basically the whole class.
I felt and feel extremely blessed to be part of these little moments that make me feel the way I do.
Other than that this week I had a small special experience that maybe I'll share a little about. 
We went to the lunch appointment with one of the sisters in the middle of the week. When we got there, her husband who is not a member sat down and ate with us, which rarely happens. As we started talking we led towards the topic of the Atonement.  Her husband, not being a religious man of any sort, or to have any interest in it turned and asked me a simple question that really surprised me:  "What is the Atonement?"  I sort of sat there thinking how I could possibly answer the question. After opening the Book of Mormon and sharing a few scriptures, we tried to clear the basics of what is the Atonement.  After leaving and throughout the night I really meditated on how I could answer that question appropriately.  I came to the conclusion that there is no possible way to explain fully what it really is. No body on this earth can fully comprehend what the Atonement of Jesus Christ is in its fullest.  If I were to explain this, being the key stone of my testimony, I would say now, that the Atonement is the ´only hope we have for a meaningful life´.
To my knowledge the Bible mentions the word Atonement 3 or 4 times. As opposed to the Book of Mormon which mentions it 30 - 40 times.  This principle is the most basic and general of every aspect of our religion, and it is the least understood of all.  My invitation is that every one of you can study the Atonement from the Book of Mormon. It will change your week and help in anything you need.  Love the work!

Elder Warner

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