Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 4 - BAPTISMS!!

Huge week!! Starting with the people in white:
This is Hermano G. and his wife L. Before I explain a little about them, finding them applies with something I have learned and am learning.
I have seen that even though we work our (butts) off there are many times we don't have the results we hope for. It could stay that way for as long as we let it. But the key is throwing in faith and confidence. If we're doing all we can without results, relying on the Lord in faith will bring results. Many times we lack that part of the process.
We didn't find this married couple but rather they found us.  A few Sundays ago, they were walking to go buy groceries and all the sudden felt something pull them into the church doors (not literally but a very strong impression).  Recently, their marriage has lost nearly every materialistic possession, forcing them to have to live with the wife's brother.  But also humbling them to realize they are going no where without God's help.  They loved church, they have read and studied well everything we have left them and more.
I had the opportunity to baptize them both.  The sister was very anxious and excited and told her husband she was going first. The brother was a little nervous standing in the water, but rising up, he stood there with a smile on his face soaking in the incredible feeling at the time.
The other, rather fragile man, was a reference from a 12 year old less active. When we told him that the reference he gave us was going to be baptized he felt really special and since has been going to church, yesterday he passed the sacrament.  This is 78 year old J. M. He has had many trials in his life and a family that has basically abandoned him. He has expressed that what we have taught him fills an emptiness of what he has been bearing for so many years of his life.
My companion and I are so grateful to be instruments in guiding these people but we well understand that they entered these waters, not because of us or our abilities, but rather because of the Gospel and the Spirit.
Elder Warner

In response to his dad riding the Lotoja this past weekend: 
Dad, I think bike races are very applicant to missions. 
  • Unexpected trials that we have to control or overcome, ourselves, even in the ´dark´.
  • At times we feel we don't have our complete strength and wonder how will we finish. 
  • We see oppositions that can disanimate, scare, and affect us.
  • There are always two supporters behind you, guiding you.....
Well, as you can see we had a great week. Things just go better when you love people instead of trying to make them do something that you want. 
Now get some rest....... 
Elder Warner

In response to his sweet Aunt Kris:
How was your week?? Mine was incredible. Every day in the mission is incredible, as you know.
I liked your comment of the few things that the mission teaches us. 
One of the greatest things I've learned is that we manage what we learn. We are agents in allowing trials or happy moments to teach us life lessons. I've tried to never let an experience, difficult or easy, to not teach me something. Because we can learn from EVERYTHING.
I hope you are doing awesome. I hope you feel my prayers and love on your side of the world.
Your sobrino,
Elder Warner

With Elder Hemsley - love this mission!!

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