Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 5 in Monterrey

Buenos tardes all! How are you?? Did the rain hit you over there too? They say they get a lot of the weather forecast from what comes down from your side of the world. We had another random rain storm this past week. I'll tell a little about it later. Woo-ow, am I tired or what?! Not complaining by any means, but I think my companion and I got a few hours of sleep each night taking turns listening to each other cough their lungs out. I'm guessing, and as the members mention, that it's from the fluctuancy of the weather. It kinda was the same in the house at night as well. We had to sleep on the roof this week to catch a balanced temperature and some fresh air. — It was kinda awkward because our neighbors both have 2-3 story houses that enclose our humble shack, so I'm sure they took a few peeks in the night wondering what the two white kids were doing on the roof.  Good memories. We also had a ward activity this week that we planned. This is where the random weather kicked in. We originally planned the activity at 7:00 so it could start around 730-ish.  But I'm sure a few have heard about the "Mexican minute". They all started showing up about 8-ish. It's okay, we have to be very patient.  The theme of the activity was the Plan of Salvation. We started off with a video clip of the creation. Then separated to play games, (right when it started raining) - normal games, like balloon tosses with towels etc. (they loved it), then we decorated three rooms which represented each grade of glory.  Based on if they reached the goal for the games, they were told which room they would go to.  Everyone eventually ended up at the Celestial room.  The members liked it.  The purpose was to help animate them and to bring their friends.  We found one lady that was asking a lot of questions and is interested in the Plan!!!  We'll be visiting her soon. Well, we are down to the last week of the change. My companion works hard he will figure out what he is going to do with his life when he is on the plane home in a few weeks. We will finish strong. 
Les amo muchisimo, Elder Warner

HOLA MAMA!!! COMO ESTAS?!? Wow, look at those daughters of yours!! I would have to say that hardly any of them look alike. But they are all gorgeous. How are you doing sweetheart? I thought of you tons this week. As I noted in the email, we slept on the roof on the 21st. I kinda just laid there silently staring at the sky for a while. I felt really comforted in the whole.… everything. looking up at the stars it seems so far away but he feels so close by. It was a really good day for me. I hope you felt comforted as well. So, when was the picture of the sisters taken?  Did they all go home for the weekend? All I remember is you telling me that those kids said their goodbyes in the Scranton world. How are Karen and Cameron doing in the new home? Soon enough, they will be seeing results of all their hard work. I love that family. Well, over here things are cruising'. I cant believe we're at the last week. It feels really weird to me. We will be having a final conference with President Romney and his wife on Thursday. We are really excited for this.  I got offered a dozen more shots this week. And still have the same facial reaction for each of them, "Are you crazy?!?!"  Hopefully, we'll be healing up soon.  Well, I hope you're having a wonderful time where ever you are.  Bryan

Three of Bryan's greatest supporters - his sisters, 
Karen (L), Michelle (M), and Brooke (R)

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