Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 3

HI ALL! How are you doing?!? Things are going very well over here as always!  
HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!  Yes, they do celebrate it over here, nothing like the states but they give it recognition.  Well, today was temple day. I walked in all ready to go and they told me my recommend was expired so I have to wait until next month.  We had a good week over here with many cool experiences.  On the train an Elder asked me what is one of my favorite parts about the mission other than baptizing , etc.  I told him the baptismal interviews.  This last week I had the opportunity to interview a lady given as a reference in one of the areas. She spoke better English than Spanish, so it was all done in the native tongue.  She was an awesome lady, about 38 years old who had recently given up smoking and drinking after some time. In the interview, I noticed she was nearly all ready for her baptism except for one essential part.  She wasn't sure if the Book of Mormon was true. I asked her to bring her book and showed her the Lords promise in it. I explained that she will know for herself upon receiving an answer from God through feelings after she asked in prayer. We read together, she prayed simply saying "Heavenly Father, is the Book of Mormon true? ..."  We sat in silence, when she said "I feel it, I know it's true".  From that point on, she was ready. I told her to always remember that moment so that when the trials come up in the future, she will remember the direct answer she had received.
These are just the small miracles, that sometimes get passed up without recognition.  I love this work.  I look forward to another week of it.
Elder Warner.

HI MY MOMMY!!! How are we doing?!?! Are you burnt yet?? I got fried a few times this week.  Well, first things first!  Things are getting pretty serious.  I bought my first electric shaver today at Walmart.  I am pretty legit.  How was your trip?!  From what I understand, you're all safe back at home.  You luckies.  It looked like lots of fun!  Do you have any plans for this Father's Day.  Maybe you can take the old man on a bike ride, ha ha. Well, as always, I'm loving every moment.  There really are daily miracles here in the field. Time is flying. My companion will be going home in two weeks.  But we're still doing all that we can to focus on the work.  I hope all is well in the family.  I pray for you daily.  And I am so thankful for all of you!  You're the best mom ever.  I love you.  Bryan 

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