Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week Two

Mine was incredible! I will explain a little about it.....
We were able to go to the Priesthood session and both sessions on Sunday.
To explain how it was for me and the things I learned, I won't quote anyone or repeat what anyone said but rather my thoughts and impressions, or, my "small plates"...
In Priesthood session, I was able to understand that we as men are not fulfilling our duties and responsibilities of what the Lord expects of us. Perhaps many of us don't understand exactly what the Priesthood of God really is and what it means to possess such a thing.  We all need to further study and examine the scriptures to fully comprehend our responsibilities and the sacred privilege it is to have this Godly gift.  I understood and felt how needed we are to place an example for our families, and be worthy to guide them and protect them.  One of the greatest impressions I felt in these conference sessions, was that everything we do or say to some one else, we are doing or saying to our Lord Jesus Christ.
More than just the statement, it requires meditation to understand what that represents. Would we treat one of our family members, friends, enemies how we would treat the Man who suffered below comprehension for us personally? 
In the Sunday session, well I loved it.  There were a few topics that I felt and understood from each of the talks.  First, I noticed that each and every talk given, was a call to repentance.  Sometimes, we focus too much on the powerful stories and examples given but miss the point of the whole reason given.  They are to help us reflect on our own selves, to bring us down to a depth where we understand that we need to act now. 
In this last week we carried around an article with us by President Monson to share with the members and less actives to prepare them for Conference.  On Wednesday, we felt impressioned to visit a less active we found on the list of members.  At that moment we felt to visit her, we found her sniffling, covering up by saying she had a cold.  We sat down and told her why we were there and began to find her concern.  When we pulled out the article by President Monson she began reading, and instantly she broke down and couldn't finish the first paragraph.   It was obvious that she didn't just have a cold.  She is going through really difficult family problems and needed to hear what the Prophet reveals to us in these days.  She has an 18 year old son that sat down and listened with his mom.  They showed up alone on Sunday for the first time in 5 years of inactivation. 

GOAL 3 - ATTENTIVE LISTENING - explication: "Knowing a change with my one effort on this aspect is impossible, faithfully pray to develop the ability to press full attention in every conversation" (completion goal 3-11-11) Cure: placing ourselves in their situation.
MONCLOVA 11-27-11 (almost fallen baptism) ..."She was really excited yesterday for all her family to show up today and her trial was only a few of them made it. After sacrament we got to heart dropping " I don't feel ready" but I learned a really simple principal of the power of listening to feelings. Because of it, she couldn't wait to get in that white jump suit." 
ANAHUAC 6-18-12 (best friend's challenges)..."We woke up early to take an Elder on short changes to the bus station, it was hard seeing him go...  We struggled trying to keep him positive and up beat.  In the process, I learned that many people have personal trials that have to be resolved personally. I noticed council wasn't what he needed, rather someone to listen and to love...."
I hope you have an incredible week! I sure will! Love you all!
Elder Warner
Hey Mom!
How was your magnificent Conference weekend? Mine was incredible.
I will miss this sacred opportunity to hear divine revelation for the latter days while being the Lord's servant.  It will never be the same after this.
In short, I loved conference, I KNOW that President Monson is an authorized Prophet of God himself in this very day. Not only for the words he speaks, but from the countenance of his face and feeling I have as I hear from him.  We are so privileged to have this in our lives. I see and talk to so many people daily who have no idea what it is or means to hear what God is saying to us in these days.  For them, it was all in the past.
I love this work, did I tell you that? 
And I love you, tremendously.
Have an awesome day!!! Love you!

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