Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Five of the LAST transfer!

Good morning everyone!

I'll go ahead and share a little about this week. Well, rather than learn, I was able to apply an awesome principal.
In the first page of all my agendas, I write some kind of quote of how I expect that change to be.
In this transfer's agenda, I put what my mom wrote in one of her emails a few weeks ago, "Don't look back, and don't look ahead"....
There were a few nights this week where it was emotionally harder to get to sleep. I had my mind in the near future.
We had a family home evening with a less active family and their relative that's not a member.  The message I shared was a talk given by President Monson written a few years back. He quotes, (best translated in English) "If we gather enough tomorrows, we will find that we have collected many empty yesterdays."  What I was able to apply this week was this, there is no other day than today. Today is the day to make it happen. To do what you've always wanted. There is no time to wait until tomorrow. With this in mind, I have been able to end the days how I've always wanted. Preparing me for the next day.

GOAL 6 (last) ATTITUDE. — "Based on hope. There is something with purpose in learning in every situation. My attitude is based on how much I place focus on these learning opportunities. Search for them." 

I would say this has been one of the greatest principals I have come to learn and develop. I have countless journal entries on this attribute. Here are a few:
  • 1-21-12 "Attitude, as I see it, is one's determination of expressing hope.  Attitude is the form of acting from the developed result, being good or bad.  Attitude is the solution of discouragement, the vaccine to conquering trials.  To me, the attitude reflects the character of someone, their talented gifts, but as well mirrors their weaknesses.  Attitude just might be the answer to everything, the cure to any concern.. (President Romney once sent me an email) "You too, will pass through the trial of not seeing immediate results.  And how you respond, will say more about you that had you had success week after week."  Whatever happens on any occasion is supposed to happen, it just all depends on what you make out of it."
  • 1-25-12 " It was a colder, gloomy day.  As we began to work, I was convinced repeating in my head, that today we will find someone who will be baptized.  A few moments later, my companion expressed how rotten the day felt.  I tried to ignore it but I think the opposition of our thoughts and attitude is what made the day turn out to be .... Returning home empty handed."
  • 5-25-12 ..."I don't doubt at all that one of the greatest solutions for lack of success would simply be from how we make each day to be."
  • 8-14-12 ..."That there is no time to not be smiling… Things are so much easier when you make them easier."
  • 1-12-11 (First day in mission field) "I remember as a kid driving past the missionaries and being so excited to see them. It hit me today that I am now one of them. I could not stop smiling while tracting tonight.  That was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am so excited for tomorrow! I love these people here.  It will definitely be hard to try to help them accept the Gospel, but it will happen.  It will be an amazing experience changing these peoples lives, forever!  I love it."
My primary goal this following week is to focus on today. 
To make the best out of what is given.
Until next week.
Elder Warner

Dear Mom,

Hey, sweetheart.  How are you doing on this gorgeous day? Sounds like it's getting cold over there? It was a colder week but it's really pretty outside right now.
Things are going well, as you know. Maybe one of the most difficult weeks of my mission, but as always I was able to learn and apply life-learning principals.
It doesn't seem real to me that this is the last. I have never been so grateful to my Heavenly Father than I am now.
I hope you have an incredible week. I love you so much.
Elder Warner

Elder Warner with his MTC companion (L), Elder Vaughn and Elder Hemsley (R)

December 10, 2011 (Journal Entry)
Well, it was one of those rainy days, but I couldn't get the song, "I got sunshine in my soul" out of my head.  Where I am at, it's always good weather.  I love my mission.  I love singing hymns in the rain.  I love the cold water that soaks in through the worn-out cracks in my shoes.  I love walking into an icy cold cinderblock home to finish the day.  I love that I have clothes to keep me warm, unlike so many of these sad families.  I love that the Gospel makes me happy. I love the car that drenched me with water on the corner, as we waited for the bus.  I love that I have a family that's safe and secure, celebrating my little sister's birthday today.  I love that they love the Gospel.  I love the Lord and the companion that He has blessed me with.  I love that I know Michael laughs at me when he watches the cars splash giant puddles on me as they go by.  I love the spirit of Christmas.  I love that my family still remembers me.  I love my dad a lot.  I love my bike that doesn't have working brakes.  I love and I'll sing it out to everyone -
that I am a Missionary!!

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