Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baptism at Week Four in Estanzuela!

Buenos Dias todos! How are we doing? I hear its about snow season? Still sweating over here. Awesome week! Let me explain. Well first, these are Hermanitas Carla and Daniela. We found them last week searching for a less active family. We never found where the family lives (being that the mountain trails don't have street names or house numbers) but we were able to meet a lady who is going through many trials in her life.  When we went back to teach her, her husband didn't let her listen to us, but there we were able to talk to the neighbor that shouted at us to come over.  When we went over and met Carla, Daniela, and their mom, they told us how in January the other missionaries were teaching them but they never were able to go to church. We started teaching them and they showed up alone on Sunday. We have been preparing them in this last week.  The mother loves it but her husband never got divorced and they never got married which impedes her progression right now. Other than that, the new mission program is heating up in Estanzuela! The members brought 3 new investigators yesterday that we are teaching!

GOAL 5 PATIENCE : "Gain the ability to demonstrate patience naturally. Overview the whole situation--think about every aspect of both sides of what (is) occur(ing/ed) CURE: TRUST/CARING There is no greater opportunity to learn the values of patience than on a mission. I have had many incredible experiences as I have been developing this attribute. I have seen 2 forms apply with me concerning patience:
7-27-11 Piedras Negras "....An investigator that we met about 3 weeks ago. He is sitting and waiting ready for us exactly on the hour every appointment we have with him. He has been to church twice, near the title of a golden investigator.  The only let down is that he expects a lot of time until he makes any such decisions such as baptism ... I don't doubt that one day, even if I'm not here to see it, he will make the decision to follow Christ.  At times disappointing, a relief of comfort is brought knowing that we have started something, that one day will be finished." (after I left the area, they informed me he was baptized a few weeks later).
8-22-11 Monclova "....I wonder what I'm not doing right. I have sacrificed all I can think of, obeyed each rule in strict obedience, and work till I sweat dehydration. But yet can't find anyone to listen to our message.." I have learned to be patient with myself.  Trusting in the Lord. I have understood that the Lord's timing isn't always my timing.

One of my most patient trying experiences was in Acuña last December. This applied more with being patient with my companion. I remember this one particular hill. I can still picture it perfectly. I can't remember the amount of appointments we had crossing that hill that we were late for because of the time it took to get up this hill.  Normally,  I would race up it and wait for my companion at the top.  Impatiently changing my vision from my watch, to my companion, this gave me plenty of time to meditate and think negative thoughts of my companion.  One day I was impacted from a few scriptures I read in personal study which changed my actions.
Instead of racing up and giving myself the opportunity to think negatively, I got off my bike and walked with him when he got off and walked. Instead of waiting at the top watching him struggle to adjust his bike chain, I returned back to get my hands greasy with him. In times of frustration, I complimented him. Instead of sticking things in his nose and ears to wake him up in the morning, I made him breakfast and hot chocolate to motivate him to start the day. There were countless of these opportunities and examples.  But what I learned is that by acting upon the opposite of our negative thoughts, it cures everything. 

You wonder why I love this work so much?!!
                                          Elder Warner

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