Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Three of Last Change

HOLA! How are we doing?  Just getting back from the Temple. It was an awesome last experience in that beautiful place. I pray I will be able to return one day with some converts. This week we had Leadership Council. We mainly focused on the new form of working, which nearly all of us have started with — through members.
There were a few quotes mentioned in the council that really grabbed me.
"Humility is obtained not by thinking less OF ourselves, rather by thinking less ABOUT ourselves." "Christ didn't preach what the people wanted to hear, rather He spoke the truth."  "If you learn discipline, you can learn anything." 
A member called us about a reference this week that we went to visit on Saturday.  When we went, the reference wasn't home so we talked to her neighbor.  Upon listening to her needs, we taught about the Plan of Salvation.  In the lesson, the lady commented on how she doesn't understand how it is possible that someone could die for someone else's sins, saying how she could never do such a thing.  I heard her say it but I didn't really capture it until taking the Sacrament the next day. That is when it hit me.
There was only One that could ever do such a thing. Maybe just like this lady, we don't comprehend what it means that there was a Man over 2000 years ago, being the ONLY, that died for our sins. Personally. 

GOAL 4 - WORDS. Description: words are very powerful and can leave either the most positive, or, destructive effect. Anything other than positive words are worthless.
Example  1: - I remember reading on a wall once, "Ciere tus labios si no estas seguro de lo que vas a decir es mas hermoso que el silencio." "Close your mouth if you're not positive that what you're going to say is more pleasant than silence".

Example 2: - ZL Council about emotional intelligence.
-"Learn to face Adversity"
-"Adversity is the opportunity to try yourself."
-"Difficult moments are the sweetest"
- Change "he had to change".. to....." I had to love him better"
-"I have the opportunity to change myself right now, to change myself   forever."

Example 3: - Acuña 12-9-12  "..Many of the members become inactive because of other members.  Sadly, we ran into a less active today that was a firm member with future plans to serve a mission. It was because of the actions and words of others that when a kid, left the church and now is a father of two little girls that drinks and smokes...."
Example 4: - Last Week (didn't go to church) 10-12-12 "We found a non-member mother of a less active son.  In this time, she is in desperate need of the message we share.  We mentioned to her of a member who lives around the corner.  She quickly realized it was a lady who, many years ago, got into an argument with.  As a result, her desire to assist church, dropped.  I thought about the example we put out there for others. At the time, our investigator didn't know this lady was a member of the church, but upon realizing so, her impression of the Church of Jesus Christ is the lasting impression of this member's mistaken example (words)....."

This week will be the best. Hope it is yours as well.

Love, Elder Warner
HI MOM!!! How are you??  How was your week? How are you feeling being a grandma of ANOTHER darling grandchild? You're such a cute grandma!  Well, to answer this email. I will be coming home, I imagine with some MTC companions that served in the East mission. If not, I will be coming home with Jordan Eyre, at least.  
Well, I got you a cute little something from a humble investigator this week. And my sisters.   

I'm loving my new area. To be honest, I cannot believe how incredibly fast time is going by. I laugh a lot with my companion. He's just kinda a goofy guy. The walking is insane. If there was ever an area that could prepare you to lose weight before you go home, it would be this one.

I talked to Hemsley today. I love the kid. We have kinda exchanged some of the hardest areas and shared a little about, how even though we may not be baptizing weekly, as long as we are working hard, being obedient and loving life we are very successful.  He has a great attitude about life that I would love to develop in my life.  He enjoys every moment and makes the best of everything.  Everyone who knows him, knows him as someone very happy and kind.

I think I'm in kind of an offset mood. Of course, I'm so excited to see you all but I don't know. I don't know how to explain it. I love my mission.

I love it. 

I love you. Talk to you soon, 

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