Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 5 - BAPTISM!

Hello everyone!  How was your wonderful conference week?!?! Man I loved it! I miss that neighbor so much! (referring to President Monsen, who lives in Elder Warner's home ward!)

Conference was awesome, I really enjoyed the talk from President Uchdorf. I thought a lot about how we have Prophets in these days and how they help us. They help us reach perfection. In each of their words they demonstrate that nothing is impossible. Thats what I love about Conference. I always receive an answer to my whys and hows.  I hope you enjoyed it all!   Well, as you can see things are going awesome. This change has FLOWN by! We are already on the last week.  Well, to be honest I have been working out extra hard just so we could lift our investigator out of the water. 

It was a huge week this week. It will take a few week emails to cover it all but I want to share a few experiences with our investigators from this last week.  Well, here is another photo of Hermano E., just in white this time. I want to share a little of his conversion.  A few weeks ago we had just gotten out of the food with a member and felt like we needed to start a fast so we pulled over on the side and sat down on the curb between 2 cars. We pulled out our planners and made it look like we were writing things down with our eyes closed while saying a prayer. We started a fast for the people we were teaching in the time, but also added in, if it be His will that we may be brought to find more. Five minutes later we saw E. sweeping in front of his house. We went and talked him and asked if we could help.  We didn't know at the time he was blind.  At the initial contact, he didn't want to let us pass by with our message but we stayed there and insisted that the Lord needs him to listen to what we say.  On the third intent, he gave in and let us pass by.  We stepped in to a small room he has and noticed a lot of old family photos.  He shared with us how the majority of his family has passed away.  We sang him a song and shared a message and invited him to be baptized.  He accepted.  We taught him how to pray and he offered the final prayer.  We asked him afterwards how he felt and he expressed he felt as if there is a new meaning in life.  We have brought many members with us to teach him so that when we take off he will have the support to persevere until the end.

This week was a very special week for missionaries.  Conference is a vacation for us.  But in this last week we didn't have anyone fully committed to join us in church.  Friday came and we got home at 9:15 with out any new investigators. I thought of how special it would be for someone who doesn't know, to listen to the revelation from God to His chosen Prophet.  As we sat down at home almost ready to plan for the next day we felt the impression to leave the house again and contact for another 15 minutes.  We went straight to a street near the house and started knocking all the doors on a specific side of the street.  The first 2 contacts were drunk and rather crude but we went to the 3rd door.  It was a lady this time that wanted nothing to do with us.  We insisted once again that we were there for a reason, but she didn't care much. We talked to her about four minutes insisting to give us the provided time to share a prayer inside her doors.  Within that timing, her husband showed up, who is nearly paralyzed on half of his body.  He explained his illness to us and we told him the same, that we are here for a reason, can we pass by in your home?  He let us in and we invited his family to join us.  We explained a little about the Priesthood and the church and offered to give him a blessing for his health.  He accepted and we left him with tears in his eyes after the blessing.  Right after we took off to go home. Sunday came and we passed by his home for church.  They were all ready to go and ended up taking us and E. in their car.  They loved Conference, and we look forward to working with them this week. The picture with various Elders and Sisters, are Elders in my district.  We all baptized this week!  It was an awesome experience!  I as well, LOVED conference. I will explain a little more next week. Until now I love you all and wish you a great week!
Elder Warner

Picture right before E.'s baptism, outside of the Mormon chapel 
(look at the beautiful Monterrey, Mexico temple in the background!)

Elder Warner's entire district was able to baptize this week!

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