Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transfers, Elder Bednar, and Zone Leader!

Hello! Hello Hello! How are you all?!  Feels like it's been a while since I've written. There is too much to tell.  I would like to start with the experience we had yesterday: We got together as two missions (Monterrey East and West) in fast, to hear the words of Elder Bednar.  A few weeks before he arrived, they informed us to study two talks he previously gave on asking in faith and studying in faith. When we all arrived, we stood up as he walked in.  He felt very comfortable with the missionaries. We were all able to shake his hand before it started and followed with a few words from his wife.  She is a really sweet lady who knows a whole lot!  Following, Elder Bednar stood up and began to tell us what we were going to talk about. It wasn't really a talk, but rather a conversation between him, and us.  He allowed us as missionaries to reverently ask inspired questions and would afterwards explain profoundly these common questions.  It lasted about two hours with a pattern that gave off the same feeling of how you would feel when you are in a suspense movie and you figure everything out at the very end.  His whole discussion was based on Revelation, the Holy Ghost, and praying in faith.  I have never felt like God has talked to me in such a direct way than had I yesterday.  At the end, he asked those who had previously had a question if it had been answered in this short time together.  We looked around and saw the majority of the hands raised. I could never summarize everything of my feelings what I learned and felt of yesterday. But it quite literally did change a large factor of my life.  Other than that we just recently returned from the Temple. What a great experience it was after learning what I had yesterday.
This past week has been a quick one.  There have been a few changes.  The American you see in the picture with me at the Temple, well yes, is my companion!!!  He actually has been one of my good friends I have met here.  On  Monday night, they gave us the transfer and called and told me I will be going with him as a Zone Leader!  We are in a part of Monterrey called Anahuac. I am loving it.  We were able to have a Leadership meeting last week which was incredible.  It was mainly to plan for the next Zone Conference we will be directing in a few weeks. When we got there in the afternoon, the President talked to us alot, of the characteristics of a hero, found in Alma 48. Later, we followed with playing Mexico fut bol till midnight.  Those are the main things of this last week. I would word it as an incredible, life changing week.
I look forward to the next, Elder Warner

Hey dear Mom! Buenos Dias! How are you today!?!  
Man things are picking up, I feel like I have been running. I always finish my mass emails and feel like I am missing so much to write. There are so many experiences that happen each week that I can never fit it all in. I can't tell you how much I am loving every day of this mission. I could never put it into words. I'm loving the responsibility. I feel like I have reached a point where the Lord sees fit to help me learn some of the most profound life lessons. I will have to explain it all when I get back.  About the previous baptisms, wow! They have been incredible. They have applied to what I learned recently.  It was very special baptizing with the whole district. As for M. that we recently found, my last companion told me that she just got confirmed on Sunday and they are still working on her family.   I am loving hearing the news of the family. Jodi getting sealed and so on! What a special event. I want you to know I am loving everything. This is going to be one of my best memorable changes. I look forward talking to you very soon!  I love you mom!  Bryan

Elder Warner and new companion, Elder Foreman, outside of the Monterrey, Mexico Temple
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Midnight Mexican  Futbol after a Zone Leader's planning meeting

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