Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week Two!

Good Morning All!  We are back again to catch up on a few of the details.  We had another great week!  Things are going very well, my cheeks are kinda sore from smiling so much.  About changes, my area is about half an hour away from the last. (I miss my last area like crazy) but it's basically the same.  I would say we're in more of a wealthier part of town so it's calmer over here.  What I really liked about my last area was asking for references of someone who has experienced a change in their life such as a birth, change of home, or a death in the contacts, and the majority pointed out that many of the neighbors who recently experinced a tragedy with the problems going on.  Here, there is not a lot of that.  The people are kind, still a little insecure, but that's why we're here right?  My companion's name is Elder Foreman. I met him about a year ago and we've been good friends since. Like I said, I'm always smiling with the kid.  We connect on a lot of hobbies. He is my first American companion, from Huntington Beach, California, but right now his family is living in Cedar City, Utah!  He is on his last two changes on the mission but we've made a vow since the beginning that we don't talk about it.

The ward is really cool! We have a member who is the only member of the church in his family, who will be leaving in two weeks on his mission, to Panama. Yesterday, he gave a talk saying that when he opened his call, his mom was worried because she wouldn't be able to visit him because she doesn't have a visa.  He gave us the reference to visit his mom. She is really sad and doesn't understand it all, but knows what he is doing is right.  The zone is doing well and we have a lot of work to do! I'm learning more and more each day on how to forget myself and personal needs. I love helping other missionaries out. I think that would be my favorite part about it all.  This is about all of the short news as from last Wednesday. These pictures are from last Wednesday. We spent a few hours helping the Mission President's wife, Sister Romney, make hundreds and hundreds of cookies for the Zone Confrences that are coming up. Ha, one of the greatest things I have learned on the mission might just be the cookies!  We also made a goal that we will talk to every single person in our sight about the Gospel.  They are all children of God.  Until next week. 
Love you all!
Elder Warner

HEY GIRL!!! How are you mom!!??
I feel like we didn't talk too long ago but I still want to shout out and tell you how much I love you.  How was your week? Mine was amazing.  Things are going so well right now.  Love it!  To answer a few of your questions:  The latest news on Martha is that she moved a few months ago! :( I couldn't tell you exactly where she is, but it has made it difficult for her to make plans for the temple. I will keep trying to get more details so we finish what we started with her!  Well, you already know about transfers.  And you know that I am happy.  The best thing that happened to me: was applying what I recently learned with Elder Bednar.  Right now, we are working with a returned missionary mother who is completely inactive.  We have had very powerful lessons with her. Last week on an occasion we were able to teach her family with her about the Restoration.  The Spirit was incredible. At the end, the mother looked down at her 14 year-old daughter and asked what was wrong. Her daughter looked up and said "I don't have a doubt that what they just said is true".  I'll answer the other questions next week.  I hope you are doing amazing.  I still continue to brag of what an incredible mother I have.  Thank you for everything.  You are the best!  I love you, Elder Warner

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