Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 6 - BAPTISM - and last week of transfers!

HEY ALL! Wow, how did we already get to the last week of the change? Had to have been the fastest. Well, again, where do I start?   I'm sure you've noticed the photo with the lady in white. This is M. I feel very fortunate to say that she is the woman we found at night with the experience I shared last week.  The whole experience still blows me away, how it all just happened so perfectly. It has been such a special opportunity working with this family.  We are now working with her husband and son.  We also had the opportunity this week to have interviews with the President. The interviews went well. When I walked in the room, the President sat me down and asked what we have done differently in this transfer.  I was able to respond that really, none of it had to do with my companion or I, rather, constantly seeking and following the sacred gift of the Holy Ghost.   My companion shared the experience we had with finding this family in his interview and the next day the President called and asked if he could come to our next appointment with them. We taught a lot on the Restoration of the Gospel with the Mission President by our side. At first they had many doubts and misunderstandings, but because of prayer and the Spirit, they were able to overcome those doubts. 

This transfer has been a marvelous transfer.  We have been richly blessed and I have learned some of the most vital, important things.  As I just got done writing the weekly email to the President, I informed him, how more than anything, this change has helped me realize the importance of prayer.  I have realized so powerfully that praying for something, being the will of the Lord, is heard and answered.  Praying for the simple things.  Asking for the necessary things constantly.  Praying for those we love name by name, for what they need in their life.  I have seen this change, that constant prayer has changed everything.  That really, with "small and simple things, comes great things to pass". 

Tonight is the night of changes. This last change I have grown to love my companion. He has been one of the best. We don't know who will go but it will be hard either way. I look forward to this next change. I know it will just keep getting better. I love you all....

Elder Warner

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