Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 4 in Monterrey!

Hello All!!  We're back again after a short week. Things are going very well!

I'll let you in on a little of the mission news we have heard from the previous week.  First off, we will be hearing from Elder Bednar on April 17th.  I think they will be combining the Monterrey West with the East mission for when he comes but we are very excited for this day!!!
The new Mission Presidents will be coming for training in June when ours will be taking off. Don't know how I feel about it. I really love my Mission President a lot!  The heat is starting to pick back up. I received a call from a mission buddy this morning telling me how I need to start getting in shape because the clock is now ticking for the home departure. They sell really tasty powdered doughnuts in the street here that are really hard to resist at times so the heat is helping me sweat those off.
G. came home Saturday and picked up her whole family Sunday for church. She is loving it! We canceled the lunch appointment with a member on Saturday, because she wanted us to come eat in her home. It was really awesome and she made something called gorditas, which is bean and cheese stuffed tortillas! They are rad.  
Also a little about the leadership meeting we had: I loved it! We got there early Wednesday morning, got to greet and see all the new leaders in the mission, and started the capacitation at 9 a.m. The whole day the President talked a lot on our mission purpose. The Doctrine of Christ.  We learned a ton and had some fun, ate lunch (Sister Romney's lunches are the bomb!) talked a little more, did some practices and then we played a game.  The game was awesome.  What we did is we were assigned a companion.  In a part of one of the elders areas, and they gave us 2 hours to work.  They put points for those who accept the baptismal invitation, how many lessons we could teach etc., then added the points up in the end. It was really fun.
Other than that, we are preparing for another week. The guy in the picture is one of our investigators. He is just about blind, he can't see well. He loves church, and has accompanied us in several baptismal services and we will be working on him and finding more in this week to come! 
I wish you all the best week with conference coming up.  This conference will be for each of us. Pray before it starts to be able to receive the answers and council each of us need in this precise time. Take notes.
Love you all! Elder Warner

Dear Mom!
Hey sweet mom!!! Ha well I totally threw my self off and got over excited about your birthday. Just read my email again next month. Better early than late right? Haha. How was your week?  We are doing so awesome here.  Well, we had another excellent week. My companion is loving things right now which makes me so happy. I think we're doing well at this time.  When we ended the last change without baptisms,  I was really praying that I could stay with my companion another change so that we could have success together.  He was really discouraged before but he has lit up now.  About Elder Knowles, he is my Zone Leader!  And I would have to say one of my favorite Zone Leaders!  He is a really good friend and we have  a lot in common.  He is a super hard worker and simply a good missionary. This morning I talked to Elder Hemsley. (wrote about it in the email) He is such a funny guy,  I love him!!  I have found so many lifetime friends here on the mission. Well, I am still loving every minute here. I hope you are doing amazing at home. I love hearing from you and reading your emails!! I hope you have an awesome conference!! I will be watching it here on the other side once again. I'm so excited for it!!
Have a great day sweetheart, I love you dearly!! Bryan

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