Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Three - Baptisms!!

Hey Everyone!! How are you all doing?!?! Here we're doing awesome.  We just had another amazing morning in the Temple today! I'm very confident my prayers are on express shipping in that Holy Place, so I'm sure many of you will be seeing blessings this next week.
Well, we had another awesome week, where to start. First, I'll talk a little about our investigators.  The baptisms are of the little brothers of our previous baptisms, Juan and Jonathan. They are awesome and love my companion!  The baptismal services were very special. We had originally planned to do them on Sunday but we wanted to make sure all the family members and our investigators could show up so we waited a few days.  In one of the services, we were able to bring a little family of 5.  We found this family contacting in the street about a month ago but they never showed up on Sunday when we passed by for them for church, so after a few weeks we left them with the dats in the area book.  This last Saturday we had the idea to go to a place called the "apulga" or in other words, a giant Mexican garage sale. There are hundreds of people that show up for this every Saturday. So what we did was we picked up our study desk, threw a few pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation and a poster that says free photos of your family.  The idea of it is to take a picture of a family and later pass by to give it to them with our message. It was really fun and we talked to about 50 people within an hour an a half.  We didn't have a lot of success with it, because the majority lived out of our area but that is where we ran into this family of 5 once again. We invited them to church the next day and they told us they will do their best.  When Sunday came, one of our converts had planned to go out of town with his family, but he really wanted to be confirmed before anything.  So after his confirmation, we went out and waited at the bus stop where he was going to meet up with his family an hour away.  As we were waiting on the corner, this family of 5 saw us on the corner and took all these "casual run-ins" as a sign and turned around to enter the chapel.  They were able to assist the majority of church and left loving it!  They have already planned how they are going to keep going each week. Well, within the week we brought them to the baptism service and they left with the strongest desire to as well, be baptized.  The only part is the parents aren't married and she still has to get divorced. It will be a little process but she really wants her 2 kids to be baptized soon.   We have had a lot more miracles happen in between all of this. I am loving each day. Each minute.

I wish you all the best week! Elder Warner

Hey mom!

In answer to your questions:
  • The best thing that happened was seeing the miracles of the perfect timing that the Lord places with everything.
  • The hardest thing, well I guess I could say the heat is picking up fast.
  • The most humble experience, I would have to say that this whole change has humbled me. I have been able to notice that I am virtually nothing. And we have only had the success we have had, because of the slightest guidance of the Spirit. It has help me to see that I'm nothing without the Lord's help.
  • My greatest spiritual experience, I would have to say is a man we are teaching that is nearly blind.  He can't read any of what we teach but he commented to us on the unique feeling he has when we show up to his house. And that he knows what we are saying is true because of it. I am learning so much each day. 

I still am working hard on how to be a better friend and companion, little by little. Well, my dear I wish you the best week of your life!! Make it that way. You deserve it. I send all the love that fits in this small email your way!!!
I love you mom. Bryan

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