Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 31, 2011

Week one of new change - We remain in Monclova!

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday!  How is everyone!!  What a fun holiday that doesn't exist here. I'm sure if there are a few kids that trick or treat, they hand out eggs and beans.  Salsa if you're lucky.  
Well, here is to the first week of this transfer.  Drum roll?  Well, nothing changed.  BUT, we are stoked for this change!  We have learned a ton and are more ready to take on this area.  The highlight of this week was that Luis had his bishop interview to receive the Priesthood! We are doing everything possible 
to keep him steady and active. 
Well, at this point we're pretty blank of progressing investigators but that doesn't mean anything.   A few weeks ago, we passed by a less active family and saw that the lady was brooming so we went up and asked for more brooms.  We stayed about 8 minutes cleaning in front of her house and leaving her with the church invitation.  She and her family have been inactive for about 2 years but they showed up for church after they saw us running like locos back and forth searching possible investigators to bring to church.  We noticed how a little act of service made for a big family change and were very happy when they walked in.  There is another family that occasionally comes to church with a 9 year old boy who wants to be baptised.  His dad has the Priesthood but has problems drinking.  We have been trying to help him for a few weeks  but he just doesn't have the desire to stop.  If not, we will be helping him to get baptised in the following weeks.  Luis' grandson is 7 years old, (in the picture) and loves going to church and always has his CTR ring on.
That's about what I can think of for this week.  We look forward to the next!  We are really excited to complete a lot of goals we have!

Until then, happy holidays!  Elder Warner
CTR power!

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