Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 17, 2011

Semana 5

Good afternoon!  Well, we had a big week starting off with Elder Johnson from the Seventy.  He came and spoke to our mission. I had pages of notes and learned a bunch from his words!  He talked alot on ways of finding people, things we can try different in adapting to the culture here.  The other half he talked very powerfully on those people in whom the Lord is preparing for the Gospel. I loved this part!  Just within days it has helped us focusing center on those who are "chosen".

This week we started a clean plate.  We dont have any progressing investigators but it has been easier leaving those who accept, but don't progress.  I remember the first week here, we brought a family of three to church in which we were super excited for them.  Later, then finding out the mom couldn't leave worshiping idols. (It is very common here).  When the President's Assistent visited them with us, he told us how once he was in the same situation and wrote to the President and the President responded, "If you love them, you will leave them."

We think the ward is slowly coming back together. I have never seen any ward more seperated than this.  The bishop asked us before church to speak on activating members, so we take it as a sign he's gaining trust in the missionaries.

The picture I sent last week is of the oil vile that the son-in-law of my convert, Martha, sent me. I think its way awesome! Not to mention I have recieved about 6 letters from Martha and a few from her daughter and family.  It is so exciting receiving them.  She made my mission!

Well, I guess I will throw this in. We were contacting for a bit early in the week when a truck pulled up with about six Cartel members.  They rolled down the black window and all had bullet proof vests on and started saying a lot of things that my Spanish vocabulary doesn't interprate, to the man we were contacting.  I understood they said they weren't happy with his work and they'll be seeing him soon.  We stopped contacting that street this week.

Love you all! Elder Warner

Good Morning, my sweetest mom! 
How are you today!?  I can't believe your heading home from Pennsylvania, how exciting was that? I love all the missionary experiences you had, dad told me all about them. I'm so excited to read about your trip.  Well, for your previous email - yes, we like the house.  We have been backed up against the wall in many stages. At first, I was thankful in my home in SLC 'cause I had virtually everything.  Then, I got here in my first area and was thankful for hot water.  Slowly got to the point where I was thankful for fans to circulate the hot air.  Have gone to being grateful for water, hot or cold.  I never realized I was grateful for electricity but I missed that chance.  Now, I'm at a simple point where I am grateful for something.  So I say I'm so grateful for a roof over the head and a mosquito net to keep the cockroaches and mosquitos out.   What a transforming process of each house, right? I can't wait to see how the next house will be.  Yikes!  I can't believe the snow has started. I can just imagine you with the heat bill cuddled in your electric blanket. Ha ha, oh I love my mom!  Yes, I remember that coat that a humble member borrowed me, last winter after I arrived. Man, did I ever learn a lesson to listen to what my mother says.  Well love, I am excited to hear from you.  Travel safe and don't get stuck in delays!!
E. Warner

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