Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 3 of Second Transfer in Monclova

HELLOOO! What an awesome week! How was everyone's Conference? I loved Conference. Every word is golden. i could imagine when I get home I'll take Conference in a more serious matter than before. I paid really close attention to see if I could see any of you seated in the Conference building, and to the speakers as well, of course. I LOVED CONFERENCE. I only saw Priesthood session and Sunday's sessions but I heard all I needed to hear. Well, for this week I want to reflect on alot of my thoughts as I listened to Conference.

It has been 6 months since I saw our Prophet and his 12 Apostles. When I rushed in the small room where the few of us sat to hear it in English, I saw our Prophet on that small television screen and my emotions brought tears to my eyes. It was like before I had time to catch my breath, I was testified to, of the authority of that man. As I listened closely to President Monsen and his Counselors, there was absolutely no way I could doubt that each of them are chosen of God to lead each of us in these Latter Days. My mind has been turned since the last Conference and I see things in the eyes of the people of Mexico. It was brought to my attention that every word those men spoke, speak to every person, in every country, around the world.

I don't remember clearly but one of my favorite talks was by someone in the Seventy. He talked on the suffering of Joseph Smith and patience. I focused on his words as he told us that "so many of us pray for patience, but we want it now". In a mission you learn what patience really is. In each and every aspect. And we all have the agency determining if we chose to apply it.

This week we had to change houses, because the landlord has family coming to live in it. We found this beauty (I want to hear the responses of "what would you say if you saw this in the United States"). The blessing (ha) is we haven't had electricity. We can all probably count the hours of sleep we all got all week on 2 hands. In the nights we sweat, and sweat and sweat. We get ready in the morning with flash lights, and cook the top raman old school. It's basically a boy scout camp - in a blue house. We have called and told the landlord numerous times but he works on his own clock.

A cool fact about my companion! He lives really close to Chichen Itza. But, it's not what you think. He is one of those about an hour out, when you see the little shed homes. He is awesome, and humble. Love the kid. The cool fact is that he would go some Sundays, when it was free, and read the Book of Mormon by those beautiful pyramids. Can you imagine? He told me how easy it is to imagine and understand. How cool!

We have another person progressing. I don't doubt you will see the photo of her dressed in baptism clothes for the next week.

Love you all! Share your experiences of what you learned and thought about Conference, I would love to hear them!
Elder Warner

Elder Hemsley and I cooking boy scout style!  
With no electricity in our house, we have to resort to cook outside!

My retiring quarters

Home Sweet Home!

Watching as my companion breaks fire wood for our breakfast!

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