Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, here it is!  LUIS GOT BAPTISED!!  It was an awesome experience!  I have looked back on the past month we have been working with him.  From the first day, the pure guidance of the Spirit had me return on a random road to knock on his door. First seeing a pass-along card of Christ that he miraculously found 2 weeks previous to the day we saw him, the prayers he asked before we arrived at his door, and the miracles he has seen in EVERY single day of his progression!  I remember the first 2 weeks of visiting him and him not showing up for church, and having the zone leaders tell me to leave him and find more investigators.  We couldn't leave him, these things don't happen just because.  We continued to work with him, helping him make commitments with Heavenly Father.  As he did his life changed - the evidence is clear of what used to be his tears, now his daily smiles.  It has been a huge blessing and something very close to me watching his life change.  I couldn't tell each story and miracle he has seen but they are countless.  We are so blessed.

Yesterday the 2nd counselor spoke - he told a story how he was talking to his brother-in-law about buying a car for his work, school, baby and wife because it would make things better.  His brother-in-law told him that the car wouldnt make it better, only easier.  I can't count the things this little story applies to, and how we think a lot of the "things" make life "better".   He talked about how they live in poverty, and it's not the things that make their lives better, just at times easier.   Something to think about.

Not to mention we ran in the church sweating like none other at 10:58 from searching, and waking up our investigators - I walked in and the 1st counselor said he wants me to speak in church.  Joy.  I was sweating, looked awful with 10 minutes to prepare a 15 minute talk.  I applied the story of the brother of Jacob in Ether 3.   How because of his faith he recieved the "light" to guide his people to the promise land.  Of course, it is easy to apply to us, if we have the faith, we can recieve the same light.

That's about our week.   We had a little niño ask us if we were professional bike racers cause were constantly racing to our appointments. I thought that was funny.  I forgot to explain last weeks pictures.  The President gave all the missionaries permission, that if we brought an investigator, we could attend the ward party for 15 of September (Mexican 4th of July) it was really fun.  The young man in glasses was my beloved summer missionary - he's awesome.

Love you all until next week,
Elder Warner
With our convert, Luis, at his baptism!

Mexican Sunset

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