Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, September 12, 2011

Transfer 6, Week 1

Hello! Well, I'm hearing of all the people running, biking and doing races right now. It kinda feels like I just finished my race. Tomorrow starts another, there is no break. From what I could imagine, I'll be staying here in my area and recieving an Elder. We'll see what the Lord wants.

Well, now that I look back on the change (this past transfer) I notice the things I learned. How alot of my changes before, started the breaking point of introducing the things I need to learn on my mission. And I see that this past change was the test. I was tested many times on these very important attributes of Christ. Not all were successful, but I'm better than I was 6 weeks ago. That's kinda what a mission is, isnt it? Becoming a new person as to who you were 2 years back. In honesty, I struggled through many moments in these last 6 weeks. It was not easy at all. I learned a lot from my two companions. There were so many moments I struggled to keep a smile on my face, and when my companion tapped me to remind me to be happy, it helped me push past those times where a simple smile is so difficult. We didn't find the outcome of success that we thought, but not a single day was wasted.

I look so forward to tomorrow, to start this next change. I have my armor shined and ready to head off. You will be hearing of many amazing stories, I know it.

The picture is my zone and the baptism of the Elders we live with, yesterday.
Thanks for everything! Elder Warner

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