Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 1 of New Changes - still in Monclova

And here it is, another transfer. How are you all?! Well, let's go straight to the update. I'm still here in my same area, just have a new ELDER walking by my side. This kid just smells green. I can fix my hair in his shiney, new name tag. I recently noticed the yellow sun burnt tints on my shirts after comparing them to his. Straight from the MTC. I'm proud to be a father. His name is Elder Canul, he comes from a state called Yukatan. (& I tell people I'm from Utatan). The Mission President threw me with a soldier. I have loved the rememberance of seeing a young man straight from the sacred walls of the MTC. The power of the testimony, strict obedience, and a love for the people. This guy came a lot more prepared than I did when I first started. It has been a good experience working with him.

Here it is for our investigator, Luis. We have had a lot of awesome, powerful experiences with him. In the beginning of the week, we brought the Stake President with us in a lesson, I loved the words of both of them. We have slowly taught Luis the principals. Because of this, the Lord has been bound in showing him the most obvious blessings as he follows His path. On Thursday he accepted the invitation to be baptized, later that night we had the opportunity to bring him to a baptism service of the other missionaries we live with. He told us that he "didnt want to leave."

Other than that, there has been a pick up in the ward, the Bishop is starting to trust missionaries, which causes the members to put in their part. I have wondered why and have answered simply with the diligence, unity, and obedience on both sides of the companionship, there is such a greater outcome.

Here is the report of this short week, and I look forward to another.
Love you all! Elder Warner

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