Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Year Reflection.....

To my Family and LOVED ONES!  As I reflect on this past year, I would like to write to all the family in one email and thank each of you for your rememberances (is that a word?) for this little hump.  I feel like I'm recharged and ready to destroy this last year. Your words reminded me how much I love each and every one of you (don't take that in a bad way). I don't miss home at all. I dont wait on getting there. My time left is so short. I say that because I will never have this opportunity ever again.  And I want each of you to know I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I can't describe the joy I am filled with to have the family i do. I get emotional talking about each of you because you all are everything I have, and any thing i could ever want. I am closer to each of you than I ever have been in my 20 years of life, and it's because of nothing but the mission. I LOVE MY MISSION! I LOVE MY FAMILY!  Let us all take advantage of every day, every moment we have right now.  Don't worry about time.  I get emotional talking about the end of my mission.  Before each of us know it, I'll be home and we will never forget the blessings each of us recieved while I was gone. Enjoy these blessings! I love you all so much. I thank you all so much. I am so grateful for my family. 

Hey everyone!  How are we doing??  We had a really good week as usual here in Del Rio.  Things are going well and the weather is starting to cool down and we've been working in different areas.  You wouldn't believe the difference how the people are in one colony compared to the other.   It's really strange but the people are more accepting in the colony we started.  Well, we're learning more that ever.  Literally more than ever.

MY sweet mom!  How are you my sweet mother!  How are we doing???  Oh, how I miss you sometimes.  Tell me what's new. I'm sure you're absolutely freezing right now. For some odd reason the temperature completely dropped this week and I shivered all through the nights. Don't worry, I bought a big Mexican blanket today in Walmart with my money!  The only bad thing is the heat came back on so I won't need it for a bit. Anyways!  About Martha - she is doing so awesome - wait to hear this..... we got changes and Elder Zegarra is our zone leader! I will say that he is and was my favorite companion and I am so happy that he is here in Monclova with me!  But he arrived and gave me all the details on Martha because he was in that area for another 3 months once I left.   He said she is active and doing awesome. I really wanted to cry when he told me about her. Ahh, I love it. I need to start asking her about the temple.  She has gotta get there!  From what I imagine, they are planning on it for March or later so we'll have to pray and see!  Well, my companion loves learning languages and loves when I help him with English and the Spanish hymn book has about half the hymns as English so I want to give him a hymnbook because he loves singing. Thanks for sending that. I could imagine it is about my year mark. It's not something I really want to talk about it makes me really sad thinking it's halfway over, and I feel really stressed because I have soooooo much I still need to do and learn in this next year!  Help. I love when you tell me about your work and the humble Sundays you have in the NICU, I can just imagine how powerful it is.  There are so many of God's angels that remain in those hospitals.  What an experience. Well, to answer you - yes, there are a few scary stories that I keep out, ha ha, but don't even worry, it has been really powerful watching the fear of someone's face when they approach us and immediately turn around.  I just want to let you know how thankful I am for you. You are the sweetest woman I know and I love you so much.
I will think of you this week on the 9th - my brother, Michael.  I hope you have a comforting day. Have a celebration! I love you dear, thank you for EVERYTHING!!!  

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to read a card I wrote myself a year ago.  In the card I wrote my expectations in what I need the mission to change in me in a year.  As I read the various topics and "infinite attributes" of things I expect to change and learn, I found how it was compared easily to the ministry and Atonement of Christ in His life.
  • First, as Elder Maxwell has suggested, it is "infinite in the divineness of the sacrificed." The title of that hymn, "O Divine Redeemer" is an apt reminder that He who brought about the Atonement is the consummate expression of Godliness.
  • Second, it is infinite in power. The Savior went from grace to grace until he "recieved all power", both in heaven and in earth" - D&C 93, 17.
  • Third, the Atonement is infinite in time.  It applies retroactively and prospectively through time immortal.
  • Fourth, it is infinite in coverage.  It applies to all God's creations and all forms of life thereon. Elder Maxwell called it " the comprehensiveness of it's coverage."
  • Fifth, it is infinite in depth. It is infinite not only in who it covers, but in what it covers. "The Son of Man hath descended below them all"  D&C 122,8
  • Sixth, it is infinite in the degree of suffering endured by the Redeemer.  It was that suffering that caused "even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore"  D&C 19,18
  • Seventh, it is infinite in love. The words of the hymn "He Died! The Great Redeemer Died" are a powerful reminder of His boundless love.
  • Eighth, it is infinite in the blessings it bestows.  The blessings of the Atonement extend far beyond its well-known triumph over physical and spiritual death.  Some of othese blessings overlap, some complement and supplement each other, but in the aggregate, the effect of this event so blesses our lives in a multiplicity of ways, both known and yet to be discovered, that it might appropriately be said to be infinate in it's blessing nature. 
There are so many teaching and learning opportunities in the mission, just at times it's hard to notice or even recognize them.  I have found each and every one is the outcome of challenges. I have alot of expectations for this following year, with so little time to accomplish it all. 
I love you, all have an awesome week! Elder Warner
Bro. Silva and I on my Hump Day - one year anniversary out in the mission!  He brought me a cake, a video and an awesome monogramed tie!  He was my Summer Missionary companion a few months back.  Love the guy!

Gotta burn the tie - or pants in this situation!  I had worn the seat of these pants totally out!

Reflections from the MTC about my first year goals out in the mission....

Elder Hemsley's birthday with a great gift from his mom - 
American cold cereal!  We loved it!

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