Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, November 21, 2011

Semana 4....BAPTISM!!!

Hey!! Well, we had another awesome week. To start off I think we're starting to see all the blessings the Lord has promised us.

Last Sunday, we had planned to visit various less actives, with one of them bringing us to 9 year old Angel. He never met his dad and has no idea where he is at, and his mom had passed away a few years ago leaving him with his grandma in their little home. He has an eleven year old sister who was baptized 2 years ago but he couldn't get baptized with her because of his age at the time. When we started teaching him he already knew the lessons from when the other missionaries taught his sister. He is very smart and reverent for his age. When we found him, we focused alot on helping his grandma but later found out that she's not married but lives with her boyfriend. He had a lot of family support at his baptism which made it a really awesome service! Also we had the confirmation of Jose, from last week. It was a really cool experience standing in the small circle confirming him a member of the church because when he was confirmed, they blessed him that he would become a faithful missionary. It made me realize again that one day he will be a missionary!
One last highlight is that this week in the district meeting my first companion Elder Zegarra, who is now my Zone leader, was teaching us about references. He referred to our convert Martha saying that before us, Martha's mother didn't give the missionaries the reference of her daughter because some of the missionaries would stay too long in members homes or she would see the missionaries eating hamburgers in the street, etc. He applied it to saying how the members see your example and through it, they gain confidence and trust. And through that, you can find success. That's it for this week, until next, love you all! Elder Warner

I cant believe Kris and Doug are out. I can only think of how their missionary service will bless so many, and in their own family. I am guessing it's getting snowy there. Well, this week I learned something that answered a lot of my questions about the email I wrote you last week. On Tuesday, we ate with the Stake President and we were talking about Preach my Gospel. He helped me understand that it is a guide, but it has to be applicable with where you are at. I noticed I was too focused on doing exactly what it said, taking subtle spiritual impressions out of focus. He helped me realize that they are only guidelines that can change, and the Spirit at times has the ability to bend these guidelines. I was really glad I learned that this week.

HEY SWEETHEART! well first things first. I miss your dinner rolls like crazy. People always ask what I ate in the United States and I always tell them about your rolls! Well, a lot happened this past Sunday huh. I can't believe your sister is leaving this week! I am so proud of her. I am doing awesome, how are you!!! I totally forgot its Thanksgiving and to wish everyone a happy holiday but I want you to know in such little words how truely thankful I am for you and the PERFECT mother I have! I can't say it with out tears in my eyes how truely blessed I am to have you in my life and your example for me. I send you with all the love I can from your son here in Mexico. Enjoy the holiday with the family. It's the last one that you can before I am there to crash the party :) I love you sweet mother, love your son Bryan

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