Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, November 14, 2011

Semana 3.....BAPTISM!!!

HELLO ALL!  How are you doing?  We are still doing very well here in Monclova!  As always, learned a ton this week.  One of the things we are trying to learn this week is gaining the confidence of the people.  We have seen that many, if not all of the people are very insecure about things. (There are hours in the morining and afternoon that are ineffective for knocking doors because all the parents have to walk to and pick up their kids from school.  We hear of a lot of kidnapping here) but we have noticed since the beginning that if we offer to help someone with groceries in the street, they won't look over or talk cause they think we're going to rob their groceries.  We still offer as much as we can but try to practice saying we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ really fast so they know.  This week, we had the baptism of 9 year old Jose. He is the little boy who we tried working with his dad to quit drinking but never found the desire, so we went ahead and were able to help with the ordinance.  He is awesome and really does understand very simply the Gospel.   We baptized him on Saturday and he was confirmed on Sunday.  Well, our ward is still getting through, slowly but surely.  We do have awesome leaders.  I have a list of things that I am learning in this ward and area that I'll share when I leave here.  

It's been cooling down a lot here.  One day is sweaty hot and the next you're freezing. On the cold days, the water adapts.  I have had a few laughs hearing all the Elders I live with scream every time they pour water on them to take showers in the morning. I as well, am guilty of screaming like a girl.  This is a picture of our running buddies.  They are two random dogs that wait outside our door every morning to catch the morning run.
Well, that's our week.  I love you all! Elder Warner

Dear Mom,
It is very true for the Mexicans, including me now, that we get really cold if it even gets a bit chilly.  Imagine yourself in that situation.  I heard from Bishop Goldsberry. I love him a lot.  My 1 year anniversary was good, but it didn't feel real.  To be honest, it still doesn't.  I wanted to comment on this weeks birthday of my brother, Michael.  Here, I celebrated. I don't know why but thinking about Michael makes me so happy. I love him so much and could never give him enough thanks for what he has done for us.  
Your email 2 weeks ago:  One thing I learned a few changes ago went along the line of what you said - that the best way of teaching obedience is through example, not words.  I think about what you said about contacting.  Because at times, I feel like contact after contact, nothing happens, but I know now, that they are all for a reason. Something Bishop Goldsberry told me is, in this last year, to make every lesson, every contact count, etc.  I wrote a lot of overall things that have changed in this past year in my journal. I am excited for one day that you can read them all.  Well, dear, I look forward to your responses and wish you the best day ever,   love you so much!  Bryan

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