Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, November 28, 2011

Semana 5....BAPTISM!!!

Buenos Dias! How is everyone! It's a really cold day and my fingers are really slow typing right now. Well, we had an awesome week, starting from the beginning. We have been starting to see a lot of the blessings the Lord had for us and things were going very smoothly. We had a few progressing investigators and needed to fast, so when we began to fast, I think almost everything fell through. All our investigators dropped and so on. It felt like we returned to how it was a few weeks ago, but we were able to see what the blessings were of the fast. We were tried with a lot of faith once again, but we pulled through.

Here is our investigator, Rubi. She is Angel's (the baptism last week) cousin. When we brought Angel to church last week we saw his cousin, who ironically went to buy something in the store, at the last second. We invited her to his baptim and she showed right up. After his baptism, she asked when she could get baptised and we told her we had to teach her first and so on. It turned out she was super ready with nothing to impede this step in her life. She has a darling little sister who, after the baptism looked up at me and said, "That was beautiful wasn't it?" She told me she wanted to cry when she saw the baptism.

The Stake President gave a really good talk in church yesterday about the sacrifices of going to the temple. It was centered on how a lot of people here sacrifice so much of what they have, but a lot of people use these sacrifices as excuses. He said, "If we need blessings, we need sacrifices." Well, that's our week, I loved it! Also, we forgot about Thanksgiving until about 10:00 at night while I was eating cereal. On Thanksgiving day, the sister forgot we were eating with her, so we went out and bought campachanas. They are sweet, but take weeks to burn the calories off. I forgot to put that I made my first piñata this week, that's what the picture is of. Much love, Elder Warner

Journaling.... thoughts of the week

Baptism of Rubi
First homemade Pinata!
Could this be Thanksgiving?

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