Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 27, 2011

Transfer 5, Week 1 (same area - Piedras Negras)

Hey so here I am in the same area.  Changes came and they threw me a new companion in this area. It has been awesome, we had a good week.  A little about my companion: He is 26 years old, born a member.  He is awesome. When we got to the house the first night, he put his luggage on the bed and said, "Let's go to work".  That's all I needed to hear.  We have had a good week. He told me the president put him here in this time so that he could lose some weight. This week I tightened my belt loop a hole. So the update of the people - I have been hearing that this is the hottest part of Mexico in this time that they call the ¨canicula¨.  Well, we found a lady this week.  When we started teaching, she told one of her boys to come out and greet us, one came out, then another, then another, and then one more. So we have a family of 4 boys over the age of 8 and a mother that we're crossing our fingers with. The problem is, she said she has to talk with her husband. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so pray for them. That is this week briefly. I am short on time because we played soccer as a zone this morning. 
Love you all. - Elder Warner

Mexico's dog of the week. She´s pretty, isnt she? 

 I found out what these stores are with the giant beer posters - they are drive through beer stations. 

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