Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello! How are you? Ok, so remember when I was talking about one of the investigators that was wanting to learn more etc? She got baptised on Saturday!! She hesitated for a long time cause she wanted to know more and she was scared that after, she was going to start up drinking again. The district leader and I taught her a lot the week my comp was out and the district leader just spiritually annihilated her to the point where she knew she had to get baptised. We taught her every lesson and more to the point where our visits were just sharing a scripture and leaving her with a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. I worked a lot with the district leader this week as well. He called me and told me we're going on divisions and he was coming to work with me. It was fun and we got alot done and found some new people that we have been working with a lot lately. I also did divisions with the zone leader for a few days. It was fun. He's a goofy kid. really animated. We were walking and he congratulated this woman holding her baby for her family, then just looked at her and walked off, just goofy like that. Then one day we were walking (he talks to literally everyone) and passed by this gang. I see him walk towards them and just say in my head, "oh please no", wondering if I should hide or go talk to them with him. So I went over and we invited them to the church and then at the end one of them told me the name of their gang and if they ever need anything to shout and he will be there (then made a signal with his hands as a gun next to his friends head) Yah, we walked off after that. The heat has gone down, we're at about the hundreds so that has been nice. We're all foot now cause the cops stole my comps bike. That's my week. We're on the last week of this transfer already. I have heard that I'm going to Monterrey, but then I have heard I'll be staying here for another change so we'll see what happens. I hope you all have an awesome week! Elder Warner

Hey my sweetheart! how are you!? Ok, so I got your answers here finally!
What do I think about everything? My thoughts are constantly running. I dont have time to think, haha. But my thoughts revolve around the frame of the picture. I like thinking about what's the cause, the blessing, the outcome, the result and so on about things.
Sr comp. It's not too much different, you carry a phone in your pocket and work more with the leaders but the main responsibility is to ALWAYS BE BUSY with your companion. you just always have to be an example to work hard.
The area - I read somewhere that no area is a dead area. The president puts missionaries in this area because he knows there is work to do. This area is just harder to find the work but there is work.
The ward is good and we have worked with them more lately so we've gotten to know them better.
I do feel safe, even when the marines are tackling drunk guys by the river while we're contacting, I dont feel in any way of harm.
Tracting has been harder here, we have had to find different ways of missionary work for this area.
I got my package and had a sister in the ward make the cake! So thank you so much for that!
I love you i hope you are doing well. Let me know how your week was and how work is going. Can't wait to hear! -Elder Warner

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