Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 5, Transfer 3

Hey, so this week was one of my more successful ones. Well, actually nothing turned out at all, but I felt like it was successful. Well, for my companion, he chilled in bed all week, I had to stay with him Monday night. Tuesday came and I felt just as worn out at as a regular day from calling every Elder in the zone to see if they had a teenager with the Priesthood so that I could get out with them and work. Unfortunately, not until Thursday. But I was able to get out 4 of 3 days to work this week from the help of 2 kids we found from around the area. On Thursday we had one kid stay with my companion at home and the other with the District leaders companion. I went out with the District leader and we destroyed the area. On Friday we were able to get the same 2 kids but I went out with a different Elder. Saturday I went out with the District leader again. We had an appointment at 9 in the morning, so we worked from 8:30 that day to 10:00 p.m. We were drained. Sunday came and we had 5 investigators with committments to the church. The only problem is I had to figure out how I was getting there. I wasn't worried cause I did my part and knew it was the Lords turn to work it out. So one of the ward members who is a taxi driver dropped his son off to stay with my companion and I went with him. We passed by the first investigators house and she was sleeping. The other one, no one was home. Likewise, with the third. The forth investigator got in a fight with another woman and wasn't physically able to go. The fifth never showed at church, but we found out she went to a different ward so it's all good. We have baptism dates for 2 of them next week and are confident in both of them. Other than that Wednesday was the Zone conference. I loved it! I love our Mission President and his wife is awesome! I learned a lot but they are also really fun. With the video attached, because it was my birthday, they made me dance. The Mission President's wife made lasagna for all of us. It was heaven. That's about the week. I hope all is well at home!
Elder Warner

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