Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of Transfers!

Hey! So to be honest it was just one of those weeks. Nothing really too exciting happened. On the 16th we marked a year ago that I got my mission call. I reflected on the feelings of that time. Not only the feelings of absolute astonishment because we had just gotten back from Cancun and I thought Monterrey was going to be the exact same. But the feelings of sitting at work waiting anxiously to recieve your call telling me the letter came. The feeling of seeing my complete name on that envelope with the title Elder in front. I thought about how that event occurred over a year ago, from reading the sentence Mexico Monterrey West Mission to actually being here in that place I once read. It all happens too fast. Well, I have also been thinking lately that my emails are boring and somewhat lame. So help me with advice of things that could spice it up everyweek. Something that anyone who reads this wants to know about anything. I'll start throwing in little details. The little things that pass by everyweek. This week i thought about when you see on movies the meditation people who walk on burning coals barefoot. I found it rather exactly similar to my black leather dress shoes walking on the black asphault in Mexico. So today during P-day, we were walking and saw a taco shop. The district leader ordered this thing called a torta. It's barbacoa. But barbacoa is not the same barbacoa in Utah, what you all think. It's all the meat on a cows face. As he was eating, I deeply thought about how I need to man up and order one. So I went up to the guy and asked for one, then backed out and told him never mind. The district leader called me a little girl so I went back and gave him ten pesos (a dollar) and walked back with this meat of cow tongue in between this bread. Sat down and almost started crying (about the time the picture was taken). I took a bite and thought I was going right back out but I held it like a true Mexican. That completes this week. I'll let you know next week if I'm still here or if I get transferred. Until then have an awesome week. ¡les amo! - Elder Warner

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