Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 4, 2011

Transfer 5, Week 2

Happy 4th of July! I hope your all celebrating the independance of our country. As for now, I'm hoping I make it to the end of the day alive - Mexico isn't happy with this holiday. Alright, so I thought of a few stories throughout the week that I could share.  You asked me to send some journal entries through email so I figure just sending a picture could be faster. The entry below (7-2-11) is about the mother of the 5 boys I was telling you about.  It was a day in where we had an appointment with her and before we arrived her kids went to the market so the house was a little more peaceful. The entry says the rest.

Journal Entry 07-02-11:  We had a lesson with the mother with five boys today.  As we asked if she had read the pamphlet, she pulled it out of the desk and opened it to a certain page.  She told us how much she liked what it said about repentance.  She started reading from the part she liked and tears filled her eyes.  She tried hidiing her emotions, but the Spirit was stronger than she could contain.  Her husband doesn't want her going to church, which is very difficult for her because her heart knows it is true.  i told her to share what she knows to her husband and promised her if she has a desire and sincerely prays, the Lord will soften her husband's heart.  (Please pray for this family).

Journal Entry 07-03-11:  The investigator we went to pick up wasn't home, so we got to church 10 minutes early.  I decided we should go outside and invite everybody we saw to the church.  A few minutes before it started, we saw a lady and her daughter selling 'bolis' in the street.  She accepted our invitation and loved the meeting.  We explained a little afterwards and asked if we could pass by her house this week and explain more.  She told us she doesn't have a house and lives in a refuge home with her little girl while her husband is in prison for crossing the border.  She has accepted to meet us at the church on Wed.

(7-3-11) was before church started yesterday. I wrote about a bolis - which are like Mexican otter pops that this mother and daughter sell in the street for 50 cents. Some more spects about this lady is that during the Sacrament meeting she and her daughter were very reverent and they were singing the hyms.  We had talked to her for about 30 miniutes before church started so I had to explain to her the Sacrament and everything during the meeting. It was testimony meeting and she asked me what a testimony was.

Do you remember our last convert (Bety)?  I dont think she has even missed one mutual. She is very active.  But our ward didn't have a "Principles of the Gospel" class for new converts so we started one yesterday, that I am the teacher in.

So what we do for food is the ward has a calander of the month that the members sign their name on - the date to eat with missionaries.  The past 2 Sundays no one signed up so what they have done is they give us money. (I find it funny that they give us money to eat on Sunday).  There is a part in keeping the Sabbath day holy, that doesn't apply much here, so we eat the cereal we have at home and use it to buy lunch on p-day.  So I guess it works out.

This week my companion told me in the morning that I started introducing myself and teaching a little in my dreams the previous night. I've definately been a missionary for 8 months!  That's my week, thanks for the prayers. We have seen the miracles that have a given result from them.  Elder Warner
This is a bumper sticker that I found on a truck from Texas.

Well, I threw on this picture of my feet even though its gross, cause I thought it was way legit that I have walked off half of my toe nails on both feet. 

And the 'house of the week' says - warni(n)g they kill for free here.  I thought that was kinda funny.  Don't be scared, they were just kidding.

Journal entries this week

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