Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey!  How are you all?  We had a better week this week. We were able to find 3 families in which the dad and his son of one of the families were able to come to church with us.  We have a firm baptism date for a joven that we found in a contact.  His mom is from Utah in where she was baptised in our church there but hasn't been back since she moved here 15 years ago.  This week a lot of our schedule was filled with lessons, which was nice.  In district meeting, we made a goal to quit the words that take the spirit away (flip, crap, fetch etc..) and as far as we know, the goal helped with more of a successfull week. 

One of the things I have seen here in Mexico is that if the ward has a party, and they make food for it, what ever is left over is what the missionaries are fed on for the following week. I dont know if that was the case but this week but we had this food called MOLÉ.  Yes, in English that sounds a little unappetizing.  But it's like this chicken in a chocolate sauce. Mmm!  It's different, but fun, right!  We made a statistic about 2 nights ago, that as far as we analyze correctly, the average Mexico family spends just over 800 dollars on coca-cola each year.

Well, this week (the 14th) we started the canicula.  It's about 40 days of what I would say, living in an oven. 

The area we have contacted this week is on the border, where this photo was taken. It's actually kinda pretty, there is a lot (more) of green.  I noticed that Texas has a beautiful golf course right on the river just to tempt the Mexican heritage.   I hope you had an awesome week! 

Love you all,
Elder Warner

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