Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey how is everyone! Well, we had a good week. Not a lot turned out but I'll try to put that aside. Monday, the 3 Elders that I live with and I got on the roof and watched the fire works from Texas.  That was a lot of fun.  Also, this week we had the opportunity to have interviews with the Mission President. His wife did house checks so we got to bed late Wed. night trying to put the house in order. Interviews went really well, I really love and respect President Romney. Well, to be honest this week was more....difficult.  We found out we won't be seeing the family with 5 boys again, their dad let us know. I really like the story of what I have written in my journal about the lady we brought to church last week: 

"We have witnessed the miracles of putting an hour aside for the Lord.  We visited the lady we found on Sunday in her refuge home.  She didn't hesitate to tell us the blessings she received after walking out of those church doors.  Before we met her, she hadn't sold any of her bolis.  Within five blocks of leaving the church, she had sold every last one.  As a result of this, she wanted to buy her little girl a new shirt.  As she went to buy it with the money she had, the lady told her she wouldn't accept the money and handed her a box full of clothes for this little girl.  She told us last night, a woman she knew had plans to cross the border on a secure path.  The woman tried to convince her that her 6-month old baby in her stomach could have much better of a life, as well as her little girl.  As our investigator went to get black clothing to cross the border, she ran into a man that had a little cinder block side home that she could live in for free.  After we taught her, we moved all that she possessed, containing a few backpacks and the box of clothes into this new home, and filled out her baptism papers."

Unfortunately, we met with her yesterday and found out that she doesn't have an interest in progressing. It was hard seeing that, but I was very blessed to have seen the miracles that she had seen.  We have been trying to find areas that other missionaries haven't contacted to find new people.  Right now, we're working near the church to see if we can have people more willing to leave their homes for a few hours.  The pictures are of me and my companion. He bought a purple bike so we have been lookin pretty good in the streets.  The other is a Mexican band we contacted on the street.  It was too classic so I had to snap a photo.  We look forward to another week and hope all is well at home! 
p.s. its free slurpee day so take advantage of the 7-11´s
-Elder Warner

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