Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 4, Transfer 2

Hey! We had a fun week this week. On Saturday the stake had an activity in where all the little kids in the stake paired up with our zone. So there were 2 little kids with paper name tags that said "future missionary" paired up with each companionship.  For the activity we had 2 houses we were assigned to visit so we trekked off into the streets with these little niños to go visit these houses.  The first house wasn't there so we headed for the second.  The second, as well, wasn't home so we contacted her neighbor with these kids.  We were given a program with the hymn "I am a child of God" (in Spanish) to sing.  One of the kids had this short story about Joseph Smith memorized, it was awesome.  He shared that and we all sang a little hymn.  It was an awesome activity, really cool to see these little "future missionaries" drag their feet from house to house with us.  That's about the main event. Lots of contacting in the Mexico sun- earlier this week God shed his mercy with something I forgot existed... RAIN!!   If you ever have seen the movie Holes, it was reenacted, missionary style.  Working in the sun, and noticing that little cloud that we prayed to somehow head its way over to cover the sun.  Eventually it started raining... hard.  Shortly after, these golf ball sized pieces of ice started falling (still have a headache from one that hit me) so we ran into one of the unoccupied houses until it slowed down.  It was legit. We had Easter yesterday.  They celebrate it a little different here. In a way that kinda makes you sick to be honest.  They have these gnarly large apostacy groups in each sector. In the sector we were contacting at the time, had a group circled around 3 crosses posted in the ground.  That's all I'll say.  Also, we were in the middle of a lesson when I heard a loud chanted gooooooooal on the radio.  It was the Monterrey vs. Salt Lake City soccor game! I heard they tied and play again on Wednesday.  That's it for this week!  I hope everyone is well and had a good holiday!
Send my love - Elder Warner 
Dad, hey I had a good week, I'm still in the searching phase so not much has happened just a lot of contacting but like you said thats part of the work.  Thank you for sending all those things, I appreciate it. The good thing about Mexico is the only bike riders are the guys who have 30 pounds of fruit in the handmade baskets attached to the bike. But we were in the city for district meeting and I saw these 2 roadies with slick specialized bikes. Beautiful. It was one of those times where you have to slap your head back into focus on the mission.  haha. I'm glad you had fun with mom's birthday over the weekend. How is everything else?

Clouds of relief from the heat!

Golfball size hail

RAIN AT LAST!!  Loving it!

Missionary Activity with Primary children from the Stake

Out tracting with Elder Zegarra and Primary children 
assigned to their companionship

Elder Warner loved this missionary activity with these kids

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