Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello! we had a better week. We found some more people, kind of. So last week in our district meeting, our district leader put a goal that on every lesson we teach to someone, invite them to baptism. So we did this all week and called the week with 3 dates for May 8th. One of them is an mid age lady who attends some kind of church near her house. We taught her 3 lessons and she was progressing pretty well, but her biggest challenge is getting permission from her pastor and congregation to attend another church. So in other words she called Sunday morning right before we were going to pick her up and said she had "family problems". Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, who knows. The other is a cousin of inactive members we found from a reference. We only taught him one lesson but had his date. He didn't show for church due to something with his girlfriend. The other is way legit. his name is Miguel Angel. He has 16 years, laid back. He was a reference from past missionaries to give him another shot. We taught him all the lessons and got him to church with us. He has a baptism date for next week. Other than that all is good, still adjusting to this whole everything to be honest but we're almost there. This is the only pic I have for this week so forgive me. A glimpse of my area.

Mexico fact: a lot of people put their dogs on their roof for some reason, so when your contacting and think its raining, its just dog drool.

Thank you for everything. I hope you all have a good week!  
Love, Elder Warner

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