Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 23, 2011

Humble Blessings

Humble little Rama (Branch) in Cienega de Flores
(previous area)

Hey everyone! So right now I'm in the offices in Monterrey. We had Stake Conference yesterday and the Mission President was there so we got a ride back to Monterrey with him. 4 hours! Half the time of the bus. Anyway, but I'm here for P-day cause I have to sign for my visa saying I'm really here. So this email will be brief cause we have to run but you asked about if I miss my last area, home, people etc. Here is my answer. I sat in our new church with a ward the other week and thought how much I miss my house of prayer with the Rama. In that air conditioned building, I thought about how much I miss the primary-sized Sacrament room with us all using the hymn books to vent our faces from the heat. I thought about the people, the outside bathrooms and baptismal font. I thought about the first day I saw that building and thought it was a joke, and how the last time I saw it, it felt like my home. For the people, it all happened so quick. They were the hardest to leave, but I'll see a lot of them before my mission is over. My companion, the last few weeks I have realized the things I took for advantage, the things I didnt notice at that time. but I learned a lot from it, I miss him a lot. Our house, well our new house has security, air condition and water pressure in the shower. I'll throw more facts in next week but for now I'm out. I hope everyone is doing awesome! love you - elder warner

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