Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 16, 2011

Transfer to Piedras Negras! (by the Rio Grande River on the Mexican-American border)

Hey Hey! Well its here, transfers! I got the call Monday night saying I'm out, and my comp is staying and being put with a greenie. My closet was my suitcase in my last area so it was easy to pack up, get a few hours of sleep and head out early. We got to the transfer site around 8, said bye to the Elders that their next transfer was home, and waited for my bus at 11. Left Monterrey about 11:15, got at my area - Piedras Negras, at 730 P.M. Yes, 730 p.m. A nice 8 hour bus ride. But we did get a break in between when they stopped us and searched our suitcases for drugs. I'm in a small(er) area. It literally goes to the river of the border of Texas (photo of our area map). I'd take a picture but I'm in more of a, dont walk around with anything of value, kind of area. My comp is awesome. I've been put as the senior companion with him. He's been working hard. He goes home in 2 months. I've talked with 3 people who only know English this week, and a lot of the people here cross the border to Texas everyday to go to work. I bought a bike, her name is the morada massacre. Thats about it for this week. I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all. Elder Warner

Well dad, I think this will be one of my hardest transfers. The Mission President called me last Monday before we found out about transfers. He told me he wants to put me as a senior companion to an Elder that has 2 transfers left. I have been pretty stressed this week having the responsibility of being a rookie on my 3rd transfer and put as a senior companion. The Pres. said he has confidence in me to do this, so that gets me through the days easier.
Hope to hear from you soon, Elder Warner jr.

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