Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


BAPTISM AND TEMPLE! the 2 chavos that I was talking about last week had their baptism. Dennis, is 18 years old lives with his mom and little sister, and his girlfriend Nicole, is 14, (on the right). We found Nicole's mom in a contact a little over a month ago, she is the one whose husband was shot by the cartel about 6 months ago. She investigated in the lessons for a while but wasn't progressing and lost interest so we had to drop her but continued to teach her daughter and her boyfriend. We have had an awesome week especially today with the temple. We had interviews with the Mission Pres. yesterday, were very blessed to have him and his wife. They are awesome! Yes, I forgot to explain the photos last week. The one with the 2 guys in "con cristo" shirts are people we ran into while contacting, they sell doughnuts for 50 cents around the neighborhood and say that God will bless you if you buy their doughnuts. The other is just a fire which is one of my Mexico facts: there are huge fires at least every other day. That one was just really close to the house so I took a photo. Another fact: a lot of companies throw English words on their products because it makes it sound more high quality. The photos in this email were taken just a few hours ago. We were in the city after the temple, The other is of the priesthood holders in our ward after the baptism. We had an awesome week and look forward to another. I hope all is well, love you all. Elder Warner

Elder Warner with Priesthood holders from his ward before the baptism

Elder Warner and Elder Zegarra before the baptism of Dennis and Nicole

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