Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thoughts of gratitude and humility

We received this hard-copy letter from Bryan this past week in Mexico and were deeply touched and humbled by his words. Please read the following:

Familia de Warner,
How are you all!? As always, I'll share a journal entry, but lately I have been thinking about a story very close to my heart that I feel impressed to share with you.

02/21/11: "There are too many things we possess that are highly taken for granted. Laundry takes alot longer when you are basically doing it by hand. I'm enduring the biggest blessing of my life. Being here on my mission in Mexico poverty level: living how they live. Food circumstances: eating what they eat. Communication: speaking what they speak. Life Style: adjusting to how they do things. Emotion: loving how they love." From being here in Mexico and seeing the poverty and lifestyle of barely making it by day to day, my thoughts relate to Michael. How when he passed on, he was found with 30 and some cents in his pocket. This story can describe exactly who Michael was. A few days after my 10th birthday, Michael showed up at the New Haven house. With excitement and glow on his face, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. We hopped in his car and headed toward a video game store in Cottonwood mall. When we got there, just as any little kid would be, I was blown away by the amount of video games. I, being a little kid was filled with tremendous joy. Michael was about twice as happy as I was. Not because of the video games, but simply because he saw how happy I was. I picked out the one I wanted. It was a game called Gex. We got to the register and I watched him pay with every last dime he had. At a time you wouldn't think so, I watched his smile grow from giving everything he had to get that video game for me. He had a very special talent, in where his thoughts were never focused on himself. The things that made him happy were simply seeing the smiles on other people's faces. I know he still is, exactly who he was. Everytime he sees us smile, his face lights up exactly how it did in that video store.

I relate this story alot to the people in my mission. How there are a few of them who give so much of what they have, simply to feed us lunch. I find these little simple things to have the most life-long lasting effect. My gratitude for this opportunity is beyond measure. I am so grateful for the life I have and especially for this time in my life that I can devote to the Lord. The things you learn on a mission are things that I can promise you, you won't learn anywhere else.

I love you all.
Elder Warner

P.S. You will find that video game on the top shelf of my dresser.

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