Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week one of new transfer–Baptism!

Hey! We had quite the eventful week transfers, BAPTISM, and General Conference. For transfers I'm in the same area with my comp. I prayed for that so all is good. Our baptism, it is the 11 year old I was talking about last week named Hektor. We had 2 other investigators which LUCKILY had a car that we picked up Hektor, his mom and sister in and headed to the stake center in the city for General Conference. We had his baptism following conference and our other investigators were able to watch. One of them has a baptism date for this Sunday. General Conference was awesome, you ask for the good and bad so I'll share the down side. It was hard seeing the Conference Center on a T.V. in a little Mexico Chapel, because the last one I was sitting in view of our Prophet. Who would have known something church related could make you trunky?? Other than that, the talks were awesome! I'll share some of the quotes I picked out. The first is by President Uchdorf, he said "the Lord answers our prayers by being the answer to another persons prayer". I like it because it's true. It's not materialism that brings joy in our lives, it's the happiness that people we love bring into our lives. The Lord knows the capability of each person and how they can affect someone's life. Another is "develop the difference between needs and wants". I apply that strictly to my mission cause there are a lot of things that are desired which aren't present here. But in the big view all you need, is, the "needs". I'll share more in other emails. Today we were scheduled to go to the temple but was postponed till next week. I hope all is well, have a good week!

Until then, Elder Warner


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