Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve and the last few days at the MTC

Warner Family- Hey! How are you doing? No travel plans. I should be on a plane right now. Oh, well. We'll find out this week! There is one holiday after the next here. How was New Years? Mine was legit (as you will see!) They say if you aren't having fun, you are doing something wrong. I have had so much fun in the MTC! This last week cruised, I learned a ton. I can understand mostly everything people say. I will take advantage of that here because I know when I get to Mexico, I won't understand a thing. Anyway, I thought of a writing technique where I'm going to pick a day out of my journal (I haven't missed a day) and write to you about it. First off, I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time. Good way to start off the New Year! It took about six weeks. I'm going to write about 12/20/10: Every Wed. we have a T.R.C. where we teach full lessons in Spanish to an "investigator" (LDS volunteers). This last one had such a real feeling to it. We taught lesson 2 about the Law of Tithing. His situation was that his wife was in the hospital. Something had happened to her the day before Christmas. He was really struggling for money. The situation felt very realistic and the spirit was definitely present. (He stopped going to church and then was re-activated). I was led by the spirit as I told him and promised him blessings from Heavenly Father if he obeyed the commandment of Tithing. The faith he had that the Lord would help him touched my heart and I developed a love for "Brady" because of his faith. We got him to commit to tithing. This had never happened but after the lesson he asked how we felt. I told him of the spirit I had with me and felt such a great love for him. He said he felt the spirit strongly as well, which is awesome! I know this is how it will be in the field. I know I will be finding myself with the same love for the real investigators in Mexico. I hope everyone is doing well and hope I will be calling again sometime this week of next. Love you all. Elder Warner

New Years Eve celebration at the MTC!

Great friendships made -

Phone call home telling us he is being transferred to Pocatello, Idaho to await his Visa! His other district missionaries stayed in the SL and Provo, South missions while awaiting theirs.

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