Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, January 31, 2011

Elder Warner arrives in Mexico!

¡hola todos! How are you? Wow this is the gnarliest thing ever. Basically the complete opposite of Idaho. Some specs about the place.. The people are awesome! I love them; mainly because most of them are nice but the ones who cuss and reject us, I cant understand anyway so I can keep a smile on! I seriously love it here. I'm in the city serving with the zone leaders. I live with them and ironically live with my MTC comp also. We live on a super busy street. There is a lot of walking; all the roads look the same so I never know where we are. When we contact or teach, I wait to see when they nod or smile, and then I nod and smile. I realized the teachers who teach Spanish in the MTC speak very slowly. It sounds like they speak 10-minute sentences. I can pick out a word or 2 usually but by the time I figure it out, we are on the next door. I love it I'm so excited to learn it one day! Our ward is very small; there are 2 deacons that pass. We had a baptism service on Sunday for some elders in the zone. It was an awesome experience for me because I didn’t know a lot of what was said, so I was focused more on the feeling. It was really cool to experience the language of the spirit over Spanish. P day was awesome; we played soccer with the zone for a few hours. Its been different using payment of pesos, if they knew any better they would give me back a small amount and I wouldn’t know the difference. It’s a completely new life style, living, language, people, food and so on. I'm already in love with it. I'm on a temporary assignment so ill be leaving here in 2 weeks. For now I'm soakin it all in. I'm in a pretty safe area. That’s all you need to know. Hasta proximo semana, les amamos.

Elder Warner


¡Hula mi Bonita Madre! Its here, I'm in Monterrey! I apologize for being unable to contact anyone yesterday, my SLC flight boarded before we landed and in Mexico city we had to do customs and security, in Spanish, you could imagine how long that took us all. Any way here is the update:

We started off early 3:30 so the others flying to AZ could catch their 6 o clock flight. There is one other elder who flew to Monterrey with me. We flew into SLC, ran off the plane to catch the one to Mexico City, and ran into others from my district in the MTC. It was so gnarly. We got on the plane, I thought my Spanish was solid enough to get by, heard all the instructions and realized I know nothing. Got to Mexico City and was re assured I know nothing, it was awesome. I think we were the only ones that spoke English haha. The only thing I was worried about is if I would ever see my luggage again. When I saw it I noticed the lock was cut off one of them, haven’t had time to see what was swooped out of my bags. Made our final destination to Monterrey, safe and sound. The city is amazing the mission pres is awesome and I'm ecstatic to be here! This is my summary for the time given, ill give more detail on p day they just wanted us to check in and let you know all is well, ¡les amamos! Elder Warner

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