Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, January 24, 2011

Elder Warner gets his VISA!!

Hey Family! So you all know the good news about Mexico! Oh my gosh, I am so stoked! How is everyone? I want to share two events from this past week that I will summarize from my journal:

We taught a recently baptized member a lesson on examples. He served many years in prison. A big white guy covered in tattoos. He turned his life around by listening to missionary discussions. He shared a story with us, how his relatives came down and visited him and noticed his change in life. He was now an example to them because they noticed how much happier he was because of the Gospel. People notice that we are happy simply because we follow the Light of Christ.

We were given an assignment in church. I noticed a super helpful gift that comes with being a missionary - is the ability of speech. I was able to throw a few bullet points and talked on them for a good 10 minutes. The Lord blesses us with things even if we don't notice them at times. Especially as missionaries. We are very blessed. I'll be taken off for a few hours drive to Boise tomorrow and then on my way this week! Hope all is well. Les Amanos!
Elder Warner

01/24/11: (I told you this already but its a really a cool story to share!) We had a good week, not to much success but a lot of good went on. I have stories, but for now I’ll share one in particular. When I got here I met someone from Monterrey. Later I looked at a calendar and the next page was the Monterrey temple. The following morning my companion read an article in Preach my Gospel talking about a taxi driver from Monterrey. After personal study we discuss what we learn and he told me about what he read, following with his inspiration that I would only be here about 2 weeks. We took all these things as a sign but I didn’t plan on anything so it wouldn’t let me down. Yesterday we received a call stating that I'll be flying to Monterrey on Wed! Literally 2 weeks from the day he told me that. Talk about inspiration. My email emotions wont be nearly enough to express how excited I am right now! I'll leave with a testimony that God knows all, he loves each of us enough to answer each prayer, and it just all depends when he feels the time is right. Revelation is not just for Prophets, it comes to each of us if we listen. Now, I need you to wish me luck on re activating my Spanish. I love you all have a good day! - Elder Warner

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