Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 1 of new change in Monterrey

HELLO ALL! How are we doing?!? We are doing awesome on this side. As you already know we had changes. The first week flies by like nothing. With prep day Monday, changes on Tuesday, and Leadership meeting Wednesday to Thursday. At the transfer site, we have to go see if all left and arrived safely, it's also so awesome seeing all the mission friends for a minute.Our meeting went awesome. It was a little different from the rest as we had a Stake President and President Romney's counselor join us.  On Thursday the capacitation really spoke to me. It wasn't so much on leadership and what not, but rather his counselor capacitated on emotional intelligence. He explained all we need to do to be emotionally stable and healthy. But the part I loved, was how he expressed there is no other time, place, or opportunity that any person could perfect such an attribute than here on a mission. How what we allow ourselves to learn will be with us the rest of our lives. I really loved learning all I learned. There is so much to learn in each moment that its hard to recognize it all!!!  Well, the bear/dog was of a less active we have activated last change. We visited her and offered to help with something and she was happy to let us wash this dog. The lady had been inactive for some time, simply because she owed a member 100 pesos (10 bucks) and never had the money to pay her back. So to avoid shame, she just stopped going. All it took was a visit to tell her don't worry, and that she will be blessed if she returns back to church. For years, the members passed up the opportunity to tell this woman such a simple statement. Who knows what could have been changed in her life if just one person had taken the time to visit her. She now lives alone with two kids, fighting to support them. But she is doing better since she has returned. 
Love you all and wish you the best week! Elder Warner 

MOTHER!!! Hi my sweet lady, how are you doing!!! How is your Memorial Day?? I'm guessing it's today right?? I'm so glad I get to talk to you again. It feels like its been a while. I have felt so busy lately. This week was awesome. I told you I was so excited to see Elder Hemsley.  I feel really strange about time. I don't think I realize how fast it's going by. I don't even think I have time to think about how fast time is flying. What a concept! There is still a lot of time to accomplish what I need to do. We will keep it on that page! Things are going well. We are learning. I'm learning how to change who I am for the rest of my life, of all my weaknesses and as well how to be a help to others. I'm loving every moment. It could never be exchanged for anything else. I wish you a happy Memorial Day. It's a special day for our little family. Bry

Elder Knowles, Elder Warner and Elder Hemsley

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